Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade

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United States
Under Secretary of Commerce
for International Trade
Frank Sanchez.jpg
Frank Sanchez

since March 29, 2010
Formation January 1, 1989
Website Official website

The Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, or USC(IT), is a high-ranking official within the United States Department of Commerce, and is the principal adviser to the Secretary of Commerce on the American imports and exports. The Under Secretary is the head of the International Trade Administration within the Commerce Department.

The Under Secretary is appointed by the President of the United States with the consent of the United States Senate. The current Under Secretary is Frank Sanchez, who was appointed by President Barack Obama on March 29, 2010.[1] Sanchez wants to return to the private sector. In November 2013 President Barack Obama nominated Stefan M. Selig as next Under Secretary.


The Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade is the principal officer of the United States Department of Commerce charged with promoting American exports and assisting general international trade. As the Administrator of the International Trade Administration,[1] the Under Secretary also serves as a member of the Tourism Policy Council[2] and the National Intellectual Property Council.[3] The Under Secretary participates in the development of United States trade policy, identifies and resolves market access and compliance issues, administers American trade laws, and undertakes a range of trade promotion and trade advocacy efforts.

With the rank of Under Secretary, the USC(IT) is a Level III position within the Executive Schedule. Since January 2010, the annual rate of pay for Level III is $165,300.

Reporting Officials[edit]

Officials reporting to the USC(IT) include:

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