Under the Bridge / Lady Marmalade

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"Under the Bridge / Lady Marmalade"
Single by All Saints
from the album All Saints
B-side "No More Lies"
"Get Bizzy"
Released 27 April 1998
Format CD, cassette
Recorded April 1997
Genre R&B, dance, hip hop soul, electronica
Length 5:00 ("Under the Bridge")
3:56 ("Lady Marmalade")
Label London Records
Producer(s) Karl Gordon, Nellee Hooper ("Under the Bridge")
Johnny Douglas ("Lady Marmalade")
All Saints singles chronology
"Never Ever"
"Under the Bridge"/"Lady Marmalade"
"Bootie Call"
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"Under the Bridge" / "Lady Marmalade" was the third single released from the All Saints debut album, All Saints. It became their second number-one single in the UK.

A total of 424,799 singles have been sold in the UK. The songs were covers of "Under the Bridge" by Red Hot Chili Peppers and "Lady Marmalade" by LaBelle respectively and the single was released as a double A-side. The proceeds from the single went to breast cancer charities.

"Under the Bridge" was slightly altered since it contained personal lyrics by Anthony Kiedis and the All Saints covered it because they liked the overall sound and feeling of the recording. The All Saints version contains samples of the original recording, the most important one being the distinctive guitar playing in the beginning. The original Japanese edition of the album version features a different, more R&B version of the song.

Anthony Kiedis said of All Saints' version "It was kind of funny, they looked so pretty and clean, it looked like they didn't know what they were singing about". The Red Hot Chili Peppers' original is said to deal lyrically with Kiedis's drug addiction, and the final section which contains the line "Under the bridge downtown / is where I drew some blood" was omitted in the All Saints version.

The guitar on "Under the Bridge" was played by Richard Hawley.[1]

In Europe, a "Lady Marmalade" only single was also released.

Music video[edit]

Both videos were shot as a set and cost £500,000 to make. The videos took four months of production before release. The girls chose to perform their own stunts in the video, and at one point Natalie Appleton was knocked over by an explosion, although she remained unhurt.[2]

The videos are in a futuristic big city. In the "Lady Marmalade" video, there is a party which causes several floors of a tall building to cave in. The "Under the Bridge" video appears to be set immediately after as there is already a hole in the floor of the room which appears to be a bottomless pit. In reality there was a hole which was indeed one floor deep. The 3D dimensional effect was computer generated and made by the team who also made the film Batman & Robin. Both videos were shown together as "The Bridge" at cinemas before the showing of the Quentin Tarantino film, Jackie Brown.

Track listings and formats[edit]

These are the formats and track listings of major single releases of "Under the Bridge / Lady Marmalade".

CD 1
1. "Under the Bridge" 5:03
2. "Lady Marmalade" 4:04
3. "No More Lies" 4:08
4. "Lady Marmalade" (Henry & Haynes La Jam mix) 9:23
5. "Under the Bridge" (promo video) 5:00
CD 2
1. "Lady Marmalade" (Mark!'s Miami Madness mix) 7:56
2. "Lady Marmalade" (Sharp South Park vocal remix) 8:10
3. "Under the Bridge" (Ignorance remix featuring Jean Paul e.s.q) 4:55
4. "Get Bizzy" 3:45
"Lady Marmalade" single

(Released in EU only)

1. "Lady Marmalade" ('98 mix) 4:03
2. "Lady Marmalade" (MARK's Miami Madness mix) 7:56
3. "Lady Marmalade" (Sharp South Park vocal remix) 8:10
4. "Lady Marmalade" (Henry & Haynes La Jam mix) 6:48


"Under the Bridge"
Lyrics and music Red Hot Chili Peppers
Producers Karl Gordon, Nellee Hooper
Original album Blood Sugar Sex Magik by Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Lady Marmalade"
Lyrics and music Bob Crewe and Kenny Nolan
Producer Johnny Douglas and John Benson
Original album Nightbirds by LaBelle


Country Date Position Certication Copies
United Kingdom 3 May 1998 1[3] Gold[4] 429,000
Ireland 30 April 1998 3[5]    
New Zealand 31 May 1998 4[6]    
Australia 18 October 1998 5[7] Gold[8] >35,000
Finland May 1998 10[9]    
Netherlands May 1998 12[10]    
Norway May 1998 16[11]    
Sweden 29 May 1998 16[12]    
France 18 July 1998 28[13] / 31[14] Silver 50.000
Austria 21 June 1998 28[15]    
Canada 9 November 1998 11    
Switzerland 13 September 1998 45[16] / 24[17]    


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