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Under the Couch (UTC) is a live music venue, recording studio, and lounge located in the Student Center at Georgia Tech, in Atlanta, Georgia. Under the Couch is run by the Musician's Network (MN), a Tier II Georgia Tech student organization. Musician's Network meetings are held at 7pm every Monday night during regular school semesters in Under the Couch and are open to all Georgia Tech students and alumni.


It was previously located underneath the Couch building on West Campus. In the fall of 2010, UTC moved to a new location on the second floor of the student center. UTC was established by the Musician's Network in 1995.[1]

Bands that have played at Under the Couch[edit]

This is a list of some of the more famous bands that have played at Under the Couch.[2]

Musician's Network[edit]

The Musician’s Network was established in 1994 by Georgia Tech students in order to

  1. unite musicians on campus,
  2. provide and promote opportunities for members to play in the local area,
  3. and to provide equipment and facilities to advance the musical creations of the members.

Current use[edit]

Under the Couch provides a variety services for the Georgia Tech and Atlanta community. UTC provides Georgia Tech students with practice and storage space, music trivia hour, a lounge space during daytime operation, as well as a venue space for GT student organizations. For both Georgia Tech students and the general public, UTC facilitates live shows, open mic nights, and a 16-track studio recording facility.


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