Under the Gun (The Sisters of Mercy song)

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"Under the Gun"
Single by The Sisters of Mercy
from the album A Slight Case of Overbombing: Greatest Hits Vol.1
Released 1993
Genre Alternative rock
Label Merciful Release/EastWest
Writer(s) Andrew Eldritch, Billie Hughes, Roxanne Seeman
Producer(s) Andrew Eldritch, Billie Hughes
The Sisters of Mercy singles chronology
"Temple of Love (1992)"
"Under the Gun"

Under The Gun is a song by The Sisters of Mercy from their album A Slight Case of Overbombing: Greatest Hits Vol.1.

The single reached no. 19 on the UK Singles Chart.[1][2] The song was co-written by Andrew Eldritch, Billie Hughes, and Roxanne Seeman, co-produced by Andrew Eldritch and Billie Hughes and mostly is a cover of "Two Worlds Apart", an Hughes/Seeman song released (only in Japan) on the album Welcome to the Edge.

"Under The Gun" featured Terri Nunn on vocals. Additional production was credited to Ian Stanley.


7": Merciful Release / MR59[edit]

  1. "Under the Gun" - 6:16
  2. "Alice" (1993) - 3:57

12": Merciful Release / MR59T[edit]

  1. "Under the Gun" (Metropolis mix) - 6:16
  2. "Alice" (1993) - 3:57
  3. "Under the Gun" (Jutland mix) - 6:20

CD: Merciful Release / MR59CD[edit]

  1. "Under the Gun" (Metropolis mix) - 6:16
  2. "Alice" (1993) - 3:57
  3. "Under the Gun" (Jutland mix) - 6:20

Artists commentary[edit]

  • Terri Nunn (2002/04): “[Andrew Eldritch] asked if I was going to use it for my record, and since I couldn't get anybody excited about it... It was really strange and dark, and he said 'Well, I want to do it, why don't we sing it?' It was called 'Under the Gun', and we sang it for the Best of Sisters album.”[3] “My record company rejected this song for my own record.”[4]
  • Andrew Eldritch (1993): “The tape I was working from already had her vocal on it. Although I met her once in the mid-80's I didn't meet her to make the record. I just fucked around with the tape that her vocal was already on. But that was one of the reasons for my wanting to cover that song and change it around, because I thought her vocal on it was great! So I used the original demo because I don't see the point in re-recording something that is already so great to start with. So I edited it, I changed the bass, the drums and keyboards around what was already there a little bit. I got a friend of mine from Leeds [Adam Pearson] to put some electric guitars on, and then sang my stuff. So the original version sounds kind of like, I don't know, a sort of Jennifer Rush song I suppose, and the new song sounds like Jennifer Rush from hell!”[5]

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