Under the Iron Sea DVD

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Under the Iron Sea
Video by Keane
Released 12 June 2006
Recorded Helioscentric Studios
Magic Shop Studios
Various film sets.
Genre Rock
Length ??:??
Label Island Records
Universal Music
Keane chronology
Under the Iron Sea DVD
Keane Live

Under the Iron Sea is English rock band Keane's third DVD release. It includes the British version of the album and a book-shaped box. It was released the same day as the album, on 12 June 2006 and earlier in some countries (see main article for details). It also contains 12 pages of song lyrics along with graphics by Sanna Annukka.


Main article: Under the Iron Sea

Under the Iron Sea is Keane's second album and the follow-up to Hopes and Fears. However, a DVD version was released too, following-up the "Hopes and Fears DVD" version. This DVD includes the two first videos by the band, "Atlantic" and "Is It Any Wonder?". It also includes demo versions for most songs from the album (listed below) sung by Tim Rice-Oxley.

Track listing[edit]


  1. Atlantic
  2. Is It Any Wonder?
  3. Nothing in My Way
  4. Leaving So Soon?
  5. A Bad Dream
  6. Hamburg Song
  7. Put It Behind You
  8. The Iron Sea
  9. Crystal Ball
  10. Try Again
  11. Broken Toy
  12. The Frog Prince


  1. Making of the album (documentary)
  2. Recording of "Is It Any Wonder?" music video
  3. "Atlantic" video
  4. "Is It Any Wonder?" video
  5. "Atlantic" (demo, vocals by Rice-Oxley)
  6. "Is It Any Wonder?" (demo, vocals by Chaplin)
  7. "Nothing in Your Way" (Nothing in My Way live at Chicago Aragon Ballroom)
  8. "Leaving So Soon?" (demo, vocals by Rice-Oxley)
  9. "A Bad Dream" (demo, vocals by Rice-Oxley)
  10. "Hamburg Song" (live at Chicago Aragon Ballroom)
  11. "Put It Behind You" (demo, vocals by Chaplin)
  12. "The Iron Sea" (demo recorded at Helioscentric studios)
  13. "Crystal Ball" (demo, vocals by Rice-Oxley)
  14. "Broken Toy" (demo, vocals by Rice-Oxley)
  15. "The Frog Prince" (demo, vocals by Rice-Oxley/Chaplin)
  16. Photo Gallery
  17. Wallpaper downloads