Underground Symphony

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Underground Symphony
Founded July 1, 1994
Genre Power metal
Progressive metal
Country of origin Italy
Location Basaluzzo (AL), Piedmont
Official website http://www.undergroundsymphony.it

Underground Symphony is an Italian record label specialised in metal productions. It is best known for having launched artists such as Labyrinth, Skylark, White Skull, Fabio Lione and Olaf Thorsen.


Catalog number Release year Artist Title
USCD-001 1994 V. A. Underground Symphony
USCD-002 1994 Witchhunters ...And It's Storming Outside
USCD-003 1994 Evil Wings Evil Wings
USCD-004 1995 White Skull I Won't Burn Alone
USCD-005 1995 Labyrinth Piece of Time (EP)
USCD-006 1996 Madsword Evolution (EP)
USCD-007 1996 Labyrinth No Limits
USCD-008 1996 Acacia Deeper Secrets
USCD-009 1996 Altered Vision Fantasia
USCD-010 1996 Lost Innocence A Tale Never Told
USCD-011 1996 Frost Bite Secret Admirer
USCD-012 1996 Glory Hunter Ulysses Day Two
USCD-013 1996 Skylark Waiting for the Princess... (EP)
USCD-014 1996 Skylark After the Storm
USCD-015 1996 Evil Wings Brightleaf
USCD-016 1996 Depression Daymare
USCD-017 1997 Skylark Dragon's Secrets
USCD-018 1997 Cauldron Born Born of the Cauldron
USCD-019 1997 The Quiet Room Introspect
USCD-020 1997 White Skull Embittered
USCD-021 1997 Helreið Mémoires
USCD-022 1997 Arkhe Arkhe
USCD-023 1997 H. Kristal Empty
USCD-024 1997 Shadows of Steel Shadows of Steel
USCD-025 1998 Eddy Antonini When Water Became Ice
USCD-026 1998 Avalanch Eternal Flame
USCD-026/027 1998 Avalanch La Llama.../Eternal Flame (Single)
USCD-028 1998 Mesmerize Tales of Wonder
USCD-029 1998 Projecto Projecto
USCD-030 1998 Shadows of Steel Twilight (EP)
USCD-031 1998 Cauldron Born God of Metal
USCD-032 1999 Lie Tears A Gate for Another Life...
USCD-033 1999 DoomSword DoomSword
USCD-034 1999 White Skull Asgard (EP)
USCD-035 1999 Pandæmonium ...And the Runes Begin to Pray
USCD-036 1999 Skylark Belzebù (EP)
USCD-037 1999 Arachnes Metamorphosis (EP)
USCD-038 1999 White Skull Tales from the North
USCD-039 1999 Wonderland Somewhere in My Eyes (EP)
USCD-040 1999 Skylark Divine Gates part I: Gate of Hell
USCD-041 2000 Ambermoon Facing the Storm (EP)
USCD-042 2000 Shadows of Steel Heroes (EP)
USCD-043 2000 Deadline Dressed to Kill
USCD-044 2000 Madsword The Global Village
USCD-045 2000 Helreið Fingerprints of the Gods (EP)
USCD-046 2000 Projecto Crown of Ages
USCD-047 2000 Wonderland Wonderland
USCD-048 2000 V. A. Return of the Mountain King: a Tribute to Savatage
USCD-049 2000 Shadows of Steel Second Floor
USCD-050 2000 Skylark Divine Gates part II: Gate of Heaven
USCD-051 2001 Time Machine Aliger Daemon (EP)
USCD-052 2002 Mesmerize Vultures Paradise
USCD-053 2001 Landguard Eden of a Parallel Dimension
USCD-054 2001 Holy Knights A Gate Through the Past
USCD-055 2001 Time Machine Evil - Liber Primus
USCD-056 2002 Cryonic Temple Chapter I
USCD-057 2001 Arthemis The Damned Ship
USCD-058 2001 Skanners Flagellum Dei
USCD-059 2002 Cauldron Born ...And Rome Shall Fall
USCD-060 2001 Skylark The Princess' Day
USCD-061 2001 Sabaton Fist for Fight
USCD-066 2003 Concept Reason and Truth
USCD-086 2005 Concept The Divine Cage