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Underground to Canada is a historical novel for young readers by Barbara Smucker first published in 1977. Based partially on a true story, the novel is set in the United States and Canada in the years leading up to the American Civil War and depicts the hard lives of slaves in the American South and the people who helped them escape to Canada via the Underground Railroad. The novel is studied in many Canadian schools.[1][2][3]


A young, strong slave girl and her mother are sold apart when their master (Massa Hensen) falls ill, Julilly, is sold from a plantation still thinking about a place called Canada that her mother told her about, she had said that if Jullilly got there she would be free, as slavery was not allowed there, the Hensen plantation in Virginia was left and the slaves were taken to the Riley plantation Mississippi in the Deep South. Where she met Liza, another slave girl. Pursued by their master, the two girls and their friends, Lester and Adam, begin their escape from slavery. They make their way through the United States to Canada on the Underground Railroad with the help of Alexander Milton Ross, a Canadian abolitionist. They eventually arrive safely, except for Adam, who dies of blood poisoning caused by his slave chains which were attached to the cart of slaves.

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