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Founded 2005
Founder Karl Hyde
Rick Smith
Status Active
Genre Electronic
Country of origin United Kingdom
Location Romford, Essex
Official website http://www.underworldlive.com/

Underworldlive.com is an independent record label created in 2005 by Rick Smith and Karl Hyde of the electronic band Underworld. The label was created as a way for the band to self-publish their music after leaving their major label, V2 Records, in 2004.

Having their own label allowed the band more control over their work and allowed them to experiment with less traditional sounds and methods of distribution. The first releases on the new label were a pair of digital download-only EP's, beginning The RiverRun Project, that allowed the band to release, directly to the fans, some of the large amounts of unreleased music they had created.

Currently, the label has only been used for Underworld's music.