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União Cervejeira SA (Unicer)
Industry Beverage
Founded 1977
Headquarters Leça do Balio, Portugal
Products Beverages
Website www.unicer.pt

União Cervejeira SA (Unicer), is a Portuguese beer producer, owner of several beer brands, including Super Bock, Cristal, Cheers, Cool Beer, Clok, and is the Portuguese distributor for Carlsberg, Tuborg, Guinness, Tetley's, and Kilkenny. One of the most famous is Super Bock, the market leader in the country (42% market share/Sept. 1998). The company is headquartered in Leça do Balio, near Porto in northern Portugal. It also has assets in the mineral water business, including the Pedras Salgadas brand.[1] In Angola, Unicer holds the main imported beer brands.

Bebidas de Portugal, S.A. has businesses in other related sectors like fruit drinks, iced tea and other soft drinks, mineral water, wine, tourism and coffee.


UNICER União Cervejeira was formed in June 1977 by the merger of the three main state-owned beer producers in Portugal:

  • Companhia União Fabril Portuense (CUFP; formed in 1890 through the merger of Fábrica da Trindade of Lisbon with seven breweries located in Porto)
  • Companhia Portuguesa de Cervejas (COPEJA) of Santarém
  • União Cervejeira de Portugal (IMPERIAL) of Loulé

UNICER became a privately owned capital company in June, 1990. In the 2000s Unicer developed and started to support agriculture projects for barley producers in Portugal. Its aim was the increase of Portuguese high-quality malt for use in the producing process of its beers.[2]


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