Unified Socialist Party (Morocco)

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Unified Socialist Party
الحزب الإشتراكي الموحد
Leader Mohamed Moujahid
Founded 1983 (OADP), 2002 (GSU), 2005 (PSU)
Headquarters 9, Résidence Maréchal Ameziane, Rue Lamoricière, Casablanca, Morocco
Ideology Socialism
Political position Radical Left
Colours Red
Politics of Morocco
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The Unified Socialist Party (French: Parti Socialiste Unifié) (Arabic: الحزب الإشتراكي الموحد‎), or PSU, previously known as the Party of the Unified Socialist Left (French: Parti de la Gauche Socialiste Unifié), or GSU, is a political party in Morocco.

Historical roots[edit]

The Unified Socialist Party is a mixture of various movements that sprung up throughout the 60s and the 70s. It first started with the spin-off "23 Mars" (a reference to the 23 March 1965 students' uprising), a radical, Maoist student fraction of the largest group in opposition to the Moroccan monarchy, the National Union of Popular Forces.