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Background information
Birth name Viktor Paloka
Also known as Rebel a.k.a Unikkatil
Born (1981-03-18) March 18, 1981 (age 33)
Pristina, Kosovo
Genres Hip hop , Rap
Occupation(s) Rapper
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1993–present
Labels Conqueror Records , Illyrian Records
Associated acts Originallat
Website www.unikkatil.com

Unikkatil (born Viktor Palokaj, March 18, 1981; also known as Rebel) is a Kosovar Albanian rapper, entertainer, and record producer from The Bronx, New York,[1] originally from Pristina, Kosovo. He recorded his first song in 1995 although, in his own words, he did not take music seriously until he moved to The United States.[1] After he moved to The Bronx, New York, he became a member of A.B.I. (Albanian Boys Incorporated) and later started the Albanian Rap Group known as TBA (Albanian: Shqipet E Pergjakshme), with the help of: Z.E.F. and Milot, under the Conqueror Records label. Shortly after other rappers such as Tee, Klepto, Presioni, Jeton, Cyanide, N.A.G, Buja & Vz also joined T.B.A.. Unikkatil still continues to represent A.B.I. although his primary focus has been his music with T.B.A..


Unikkatil has released four albums so far, the first one being "Shihemi N'Perkujtime", released in 2004, the second one was "Unikkatil presents The Bloody Alboz" released in 2005, the third album was "Armiq't Suprem" released in 2006, and fourth was "Kanuni I Katilit" released in 2007. His latest album was announced to have sold over 13,000 copies [2] in the first week alone, and over 40,000 in the first month.[3] This was a huge success for Unikkatil, as well as Kosovar Albanian hip hop. He has also produced Presioni's début album "Nentori i Trete" and a few songs from CyaNide's début album. Despite releasing four albums, many other songs were released for free under no known albums. His latest event in Frauenfeld, Switzerland in 2009 holds the record for the biggest event ever held by an Albanian artist in Switzerland, with close to 5,000 people being present.[citation needed] Unikkatil's biggest concert of his career, as well as one of the biggest rap events in the Balkans, took place on July 15, 2012 at Pristina Stadium, 27,000 people were present, cheering for "King Of Albanian Rap".[citation needed]


Year Album
2003 Shihemi N'Perkujtime (Gjysa Albumit osht i PaPublikuar)
2005 Unikkatil Prezenton: The Bloody Alboz (5Nentor 2005)
2006 Armiqt Suprem(28Nentor 2006)
2007 Kanuni i Katilit (17Dhjetor 2007)
Year Single's
2006 "N'rrot T'somes (Feat. Milot & Jeton)"
2008 "Kile Kile"
2009 "Blacked Out (Feat. Milot)"
2010 "Trim I Gjall"
2011 "Fitore e Sinqert (Feat. 2po2)" "A Nive (Feat. Klepto)"
2012 "Do (Feat. Presioni)" "Qeni Le Mas Miri" "Kuq E Zi (Feat. Klepto)" "Kategori E Rond (Feat. Presioni)"
2013 "U Qova Pi Vorri"
2014 "Si Ni Vakt"


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