Union Pacific 1243

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Union Pacific #1243[1]
Power type Steam
Builder Cooke Locomotive and Machine Works
Serial number 2054
Model UP Class T-57[2]
Build date October 1890
Configuration 4-6-0
UIC classification 2'C'
Gauge 4'-8-1/2" (1.435m)
Weight on drivers 114,000# (51,710 kgf)
Locomotive weight 148,500# (67,360 kgf)
Boiler pressure 165 lb/in2 (1.140 MPa)
Cylinders 2
Cylinder size 19" x 24" (0.483m x 0.610m)
Valve gear Stephenson
Valve type Slide
Tractive effort 21,300# (93.4 kN)
Retired 1956
Restored 1990 (cosmetic)
Disposition Static display since October 1996, Durham Western Heritage Museum, Omaha, NE, USA

Union Pacific Railroad 1243 is a preserved 4-6-0 type steam locomotive.


Union Pacific 1243 is unquestionably the oldest "Ten Wheeler" owned by the Union Pacific Railroad. The 1243 was built in 1890, and it operated on various branch lines of the Union Pacific in the state of Nebraska. From the 1930s until 1956 the 1243 operated on the railroads Encampment Branch in the state of Wyoming. That same year, the 1243 was retired from active service. First, it resided in Rawlins, Wyoming before going to Cheyenne, Wyoming. In 1990 the 1243 was cosmetically restored, and that same year, the 1243 rode a flat car and rode a special train. After that, the locomotive was sent to Omaha, Nebraska, where it was placed on display at the Western Heritage Museum in October 1996. This engine is called the "Harriman Engine", because it is the only engine owned by the Union Pacific Railroad from the era when E.H. Harriman controlled the Union Pacific.


The current status of UP 1243 is as a static exhibit and isn't destined to steam up again any time soon.


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