Union and New Haven Trust Building

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Union and New Haven Trust Building
Union NH Trust Building.jpg
The red-brick Union and New Haven Trust Building as seen from the New Haven Green.
Record height
Tallest in New Haven from 1927 to 1938[I]
General information
Type Office
Location 205 Church Street
New Haven, Connecticut 06510-2100
United States
Coordinates 41°18′31″N 72°55′26″W / 41.3085°N 72.9238°W / 41.3085; -72.9238Coordinates: 41°18′31″N 72°55′26″W / 41.3085°N 72.9238°W / 41.3085; -72.9238
Completed 1927
Roof 164 ft (50 m)
Technical details
Floor count 12
Floor area 165,000 square feet (15,300 m2)

The Union and New Haven Trust Building, also known as 205 Church Street, is a Georgian-Colonial Revival skyscraper in New Haven, Connecticut. Constructed in 1927, it was designed by architects Cross and Cross. The building sits on the northeast corner of the historic New Haven Green.


Lying on the corner of Elm and Church streets, the site the Union and New Haven Trust is built on was the site of the home of Richard Perry in the 1640s, who served as secretary to the General Court of the Colony of New Haven.[2] Built for the Union and New Haven Trust Co. during the Roaring Twenties, the building was designed to reflect the architecture of the Green and its three historic churches; the building's golden cupola intentionally mirrors that of the Green's United Church.[3] The Union Trust Company moved its headquarters to Stamford in 1981, but kept a branch on the ground floor. The bank was purchased in 1995 by First Union Corporation, which later took the name of its Wachovia acquisition and in 2010 merged into Wells Fargo.[4] The building's ground floor is still occupied by a Wells Fargo branch, but the upper floors have been vacant since a law firm left in 2008.[5] This building is listed in several books as being haunted. It also sits among the paranormal elite for being within a very small class of skyscrapers which some believe to be haunted. The other skyscrapers are the Sunshine 60 Building in Tokyo, Japan and the Sathorn Unique in Bangkok, Thailand.


United Church with Union and New Haven Trust Building in background; The Union building's cupola is a tribute to the Church's golden dome.

A real estate company is considering converting the now-iconic building into a 150 to 180-room luxury hotel, complete with four restaurants and retail space. The company and the City of New Haven are currently negotiating the construction of a 600-800 car parking garage on a lot between State and Wall streets for the would-be hotel.[6][7]


Preceded by
Tallest Building in New Haven
50 m
Succeeded by
Southern New England Telephone Company Administration Building