Union of Chinese Nationalists

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Not to be confused with Pan-Blue Coalition in Taiwan.
Union of Chinese Nationalists
Chairman Wen Yan
Founded August 8 2004
Headquarters Hunan, China
Membership  (2010) 15000
Ideology Three Principles of the People
Chinese nationalism
Political position Centre-right to Right-wing
Colours Blue
Politics of People's Republic of China

The Union of Chinese Nationalists (traditional Chinese: 中國泛藍聯盟; simplified Chinese: 中国泛蓝联盟), sometimes referred to in English as the Chinese Pan-Blue Alliance, or China Pan-Blue Alliance, abbreviated as "UOCN", is an unregistered political group in the People's Republic of China that supports the goals of the Kuomintang and the ideals of the Pan-Blue Coalition in the Republic of China on Taiwan. According to the website, it values liberal democracy and the Three Principles of the People, and opposes communism and Taiwan independence. It originated in an internet forum in August 2004.[1]

UOCN is not officially recognized by the PRC government. The actual membership size and level of support for the organization is difficult to gauge because it is actively suppressed in the PRC.[2]

In a news conference held in 2007, Yang Yi, spokesman of PRC's Taiwan Affairs Office, declared the organization to be "unregistered and illegal", and "not being related to the Nationalist Party of China in Taiwan".[3]

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