Union of Congregational Churches in Brazil

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The Union of Evangelical Congregational Churches in Brazil is an association of churches of Congregational origin in Brazil. It was founded by a couple namely Robert Reid Kelly and Sarah Poulton Kelly, who arrived in Rio de Janeiro on May, 1855 to begin mission work. The work developed. The first believer was baptised in November, 1857. In 1858 the first churchwas organised. The evangelists and the Kellys work spread to Northeastern part of Brasil, specially in Recife and Pernambuco state. The Kellys returned to Scotland in 1876.[1] In 1913 thirteen church formed the United Independent Evangelical Churches. In 1942 Congregational churches ubited to form the Evangelical Christian Churches in Brazil. Later it become the Union of Evangelical Congregational Churches in Brazil.[2]

The church has 350 congregations and 500 ordained ministers. Member of World Evangelical Congregational Fellowship. The church has two Seminaries calle the Congregational Seminary in Rio de Janeiro and the Northeastern Congregational Seminary.


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