Union of the Left (Poland)

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Union of the Left
Unia Lewicy
Leader Piotr Musiał
Founded 20 March 2005
Headquarters ul. Powsińska 40/2, 02-903 Warsaw
Ideology Social democracy
Democratic socialism
Political position Centre-left
Colours Red, White, Green
Politics of Poland
Political parties

The Union of the Left (Polish: Unia Lewicy) or UL is a minor social-democratic political party in Poland founded on 20 March 2005 through the union of several left-wing organisations, including Worker's Democracy, Young Socialists (Młodzi Socjaliści), and "'Never Again' Association" (Stowarzyszenie Nigdy Więcej).

Their initial target was to eliminate the far-right All-Polish Youth and provide a left-wing alternative to the SLD. The party is supported by the "Democratic Women's Union" (Demokratyczna Unia Kobiet), Polish LGBT rights groups, and several small left-wing organisations.