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This article is about the trade union in New Zealand. For other uses, see Unite (disambiguation).
NZUnite logo.png
Full name Unite Union Inc.
Affiliation NZCTU
Key people Matt McCarten
Office location Auckland, New Zealand
Country New Zealand
Website unite.org.nz

Unite Union (Unite) is a trade union in New Zealand. It is the sponsor of the Supersizemypay.com campaign directed towards improving working conditions for fast food workers in the country, in addition to representing other hospitality and retail workers.[1] The current secretary of Unite is Matt McCarten.

Unite is affiliated with the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions.

It was the inspiration for the Australian UNITE Union, which was founded in Melbourne in 2003.

In response to the Key Government's amendment to the Employment Relations Act 2000 allowing small businesses greater liberty to 'hire and fire' workers in the first 90 days, Unite established the 'Rat Patrol' to name and shame companies that abuse the legislation.[2]

McCarten's United Support Services, a company he formed to supply support services to the union, was placed into liquidation on 17 June 2011 owing $92,000 in unpaid taxes to the IRD.[3]

Unite Union headquarters in Auckland.


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