United Abkhazia

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United Abkhazia
Аҧсны Акзаара
ერთიანი აფხაზეთი
Единая Абхазия
Leader Daur Tarba
Founded March 25, 2004
Colours Red
People's Assembly
3 / 35
Politics of Abkhazia
Political parties

United Abkhazia (Abkhaz: Аҧсны Акзаара, Georgian: ერთიანი აფხაზეთი, Russian: Единая Абхазия) is a political party in Abkhazia. United Abkhazia was founded on March 25, 2004 as a socio-political movement, with the specific goal of presenting a single opposition candidate for the October 2004 presidential elections.[1]

It entered into an alliance with the Amtsakhara and Aitaira movements and the Federation of Independent Trade Unions and they named former Prime Minister Sergei Bagapsh as their joint candidate on July 20, 2004. Bagapsh won the elections by a small margin, but new elections were held because of a dispute over the results with runner up, former Prime Minister Raul Khadjimba. Bagapsh and Khadjimba agreed to run together on a national unity ticket and won the rerun election in 2005.

Artur Mikvabia, chairman of United Abkhazia since it had first been created, announced 25 July 2007 that he would resign his post and retire from politics, but members of the party stated that they would not accept this, and Mikvabia remained chairman.[2]

On 27 January 2009, almost five years after its foundation, United Abkhazia was transformed into a political party. Daur Tarba, who had headed the Ochamchira district before, became the new chairman, Alkhas Kardava First Deputy Chairman and Zurab Kajaia Deputy Chairman.[3]

United Abkhazia held its fourth congress on 27 January 2012, which was attended by 359 delegates, and during which 11 candidates for the upcoming Parliamentary elections were chosen (the maximum number allowed).[4]

At its fifth congress, held on 12 June 2013 and attended by 330 delegates, United Abkhazia decided to pass into the opposition, with Tarba stating that President Ankvab, whose candidacy the party had supported in 2011, had failed to deliver meaningful achievements.[5]

On 10 July 2013, United Abkhazia signed a cooperation agreement with fellow opposition parties the Forum for the National Unity of Abkhazia, the People's Party of Abkhazia and the Party for the Economic Development of Abkhazia, and with a number of social movements.[6]