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Industry Kickboxing promotion
Founded 2012
Founder Pierre Andurand, Marcus Luer, Scott Rudmann, Total Sports Asia
Headquarters 30, Raffles Place, Level 17, Chevron House, Singapore
Key people
Marcus Luer (managing director)
Pierre Andurand (chairman, majority shareholder)
Jon J. Franklin (CEO)
Scott Rudmann (director)
Cor Hemmers (matchmaker)
Owner Glory Sports International Pte Ltd.

Glory (stylized as GLORY) and formerly Glory World Series is an international kickboxing promotion company founded in 2012 by Glory Sports International Pte Ltd. partners Pierre Andurand, Marcus Luer, Scott Rudmann and Total Sports Asia. The company has its headquarters in Singapore.


When K-1, historically the world's premier kickboxing organization, began suffering from extreme financial difficulties in 2011, Total Sports Asia, TSA CEO Marcus Luer, London-based French investor Pierre Andurand, and Scott Rudmann of Nectar Capital attempted to buy the brand. When K-1 was instead sold to Gunil "Mike" Kim and EMCOM Entertainment Inc., Pierre Andurand, TSA, and the other investors decided to start a brand new label and kickboxing organisation called GLORY, and bought United Glory, Golden Glory and It's Showtime in order to secure a top event production team, and to secure all the top fighters in the world.[1] Pierre Andurand, Marcus Luer, and Scott Rudmann derived the name 'GLORY' for the new brand from Golden Glory.

The name GLORY has caused some confusion to arise as to Golden Glory's role with the new organization. GLORY has clarified that Golden Glory, like the It's Showtime organization, was bought and absorbed by the investment team headed by Pierre Andurand, and not the other way around.[2] A number of people formerly involved with It's Showtime, the Golden Glory team and the United Glory event became GLORY consultants, though Simon Rutz, the founder and former owner of It's Showtime, has departed the company. [3]

GSI signed most of the world's top kickboxers such as Peter Aerts, Remy Bonjasky, Semmy Schilt, Gokhan Saki, Daniel Ghiţă, Albert Kraus, Giorgio Petrosyan, Yoshihiro Sato, and Pat Barry.


GLORY Sports International has its offices in UK, Netherlands, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and US. The company includes unprecedented mix of accomplished entrepreneurs and senior level executives from the diverse worlds of finance, sports marketing, television, technology and martial arts fighting.[4]

In November 2012, GLORY entered into a partnership with the ONE Championship mixed martial arts promotions to share fighters.[5]

In February 2013, GLORY announced former WWE Executive VP Andrew Whitaker to the position of the global CEO of Glory Sports International. [6]

In June 2013, after having an inaugural first event in USA at NY (Glory 9: New York) on June 22, 2013, SPIKE TV signed a multi-year agreement to broadcast GLORY kickboxing events.[7]

In August 2014, GLORY announced Jon Franklin has been appointed as new CEO of Glory Sports International, and extended broadcast deal with Spike TV to cover 2015. [8]


Event Date Venue City Attendance
Glory 23 TBA, 2015 Amsterdam Arena Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands
Glory 22 June 2015 Arena Națională Romania Bucharest, Romania
Glory 21: San Diego May 8, 2015 Valley View Casino Center United States San Diego, California, USA
Glory 20: Dubai April 3, 2015 Dubai World Trade Centre United Arab Emirates Dubai, UAE
Glory 19: Virginia February 6, 2015 Hampton Coliseum United States Hampton, Virginia, USA
Glory 18: Oklahoma - Return To Glory November 7, 2014 Grand Casino Hotel Resort United States Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA
Glory 17: Los Angeles - Last Man Standing June 21, 2014 The Forum United States Inglewood, California, USA
Glory 16: Denver May 3, 2014 1stBank Center United States Broomfield, Colorado, USA
Glory 15: Istanbul April 12, 2014 Ülker Sports Arena Turkey Istanbul, Turkey
Glory 14: Zagreb March 8, 2014 Arena Zagreb Croatia Zagreb, Croatia
Glory 13: Tokyo December 21, 2013 Ariake Coliseum Japan Tokyo, Japan
Glory 12: New York November 23, 2013 The Theater at Madison Square Garden United States New York City, New York, USA
Glory 11: Chicago October 12, 2013 Sears Centre United States Hoffman Estates, Illinois, USA
Glory 10: Los Angeles September 28, 2013 Citizens Business Bank Arena United States Ontario, California, USA 2,200[9]
Glory 9: New York June 22, 2013 Hammerstein Ballroom United States New York City, New York, USA 1,950
2013 Road to Glory USA Heavyweight Tournament June 14, 2013 Hard Rock Hotel and Casino United States Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
2013 Road to Glory USA 70kg Tournament May 11, 2013 The Rave United States Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Glory 8: Tokyo May 3, 2013 Ariake Coliseum Japan Tokyo, Japan 3,500
2013 Road to Glory Japan 85kg Tournament
Glory 7: Milan April 20, 2013 Mediolanum Forum Italy Milan, Italy 10,000
Glory 6: Istanbul April 6, 2013 Ülker Arena Turkey Istanbul, Turkey 12,000
Glory 5: London March 23, 2013 ExCeL Arena United Kingdom London, England, UK 4,500
2013 Road to Glory USA 77kg Tournament March 22, 2013 Capitale United States New York City, New York, USA
2013 Road to Glory Japan 65kg Tournament March 10, 2013 Differ Ariake Arena Japan Tokyo, Japan
2013 Road to Glory USA 85kg Tournament February 9, 2013 Hollywood Park Casino United States Los Angeles, California, USA
2013 Road to Glory USA 95kg Tournament February 2, 2013 Hard Rock Hotel and Casino United States Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Glory 4: Tokyo December 31, 2012 Saitama Super Arena Japan Saitama, Japan 15,000
Glory 3: Rome November 3, 2012 PalaLottomatica Italy Rome, Italy
Glory 2: Brussels October 6, 2012 Forest National Belgium Brussels, Belgium
Glory 1: Stockholm May 26, 2012 Ericsson Globe Sweden Stockholm, Sweden


Current champions[edit]

Division Upper weight limit Champion Since Title defenses
Heavyweight +95 kg (209.4 lb) Netherlands Rico Verhoeven June 21, 2014 1
Light Heavyweight 95 kg (209.4 lb) Turkey Gökhan Saki April 12, 2014 0
Middleweight 85 kg (187.4 lb) Russia Artem Levin June 21, 2014 0
Welterweight 77 kg (169.8 lb) Canada Joseph Valtellini June 21, 2014 0
Lightweight 70 kg (154.3 lb) Netherlands Robin van Roosmalen November 7, 2014 0
Featherweight 65 kg (143.3 lb) TBD April 3, 2015

Glory Heavyweight Championship[edit]

+95 kg (+209.4 lb)

No. Name Event Date Reign
1 Netherlands Semmy Schilt
def. Errol Zimmerman
Glory 1: Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden
May 26, 2012 395 days
Schilt vacated the title after retiring due to a heart condition on June 26, 2013.[10]
2 Netherlands Rico Verhoeven
def. Daniel Ghiță
Glory 17: Los Angeles
Inglewood, California, USA
June 21, 2014 278 days
1. def. Errol Zimmerman at Glory 19: Virginia on Feb 6, 2015

Glory Light Heavyweight Championship[edit]

-95 kg (-209.4 lb)

No. Name Event Date Reign
1 Turkey Gökhan Saki
def. Tyrone Spong
Glory 15: Istanbul
Istanbul, Turkey
April 12, 2014 348 days

Glory Middleweight Championship[edit]

-85 kg (-187.4 lb)

No. Name Event Date Reign
1 Russia Artem Levin
def. Joe Schilling
Glory 17: Los Angeles
Inglewood, California, USA
June 21, 2014 278 days

Glory Welterweight Championship[edit]

-77 kg (-169.8 lb)

No. Name Event Date Reign
1 Belgium Marc de Bonte
def. Karapet Karapetyan
Glory 16: Denver
Broomfield, Colorado, USA
May 3, 2014 50 days
2 Canada Joseph Valtellini Glory 17: Los Angeles
Inglewood, California, USA
June 21, 2014 278 days

Glory Lightweight Championship[edit]

-70 kg (-154.3 lb)

No. Name Event Date Reign
1 Georgia (country) Davit Kiria
def. Andy Ristie
Glory 14: Zagreb
Zagreb, Croatia
March 8, 2014 245 days
2 Netherlands Robin van Roosmalen Glory 18: Oklahoma
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
November 7, 2014 139 days

Glory Featherweight Championship[edit]

-65 kg (-143.3 lb)

No. Name Event Date Reign
Glory 20: Dubai
Dubai, UAE
April 3, 2015

Tournament champions[edit]

Tournament Date Weight class Champion Runner-up
2012 Glory 70kg
Slam Tournament
November 3, 2012 Lightweight
(-70 kg/154.3 lb)
Italy Giorgio Petrosyan Netherlands Robin van Roosmalen
2012 Glory Heavyweight
Grand Slam Tournament
December 31, 2012 Heavyweight
(+95 kg/209.4 lb)
Netherlands Semmy Schilt Romania Daniel Ghiţă
2013 Glory 65kg
Slam Tournament
May 3, 2013 Featherweight
(-65 kg/143.3 lb)
Japan Yuta Kubo Japan Masaaki Noiri
2013 Glory 95kg
Slam Tournament
June 22, 2013 Light Heavyweight
(-95 kg/209.4 lb)
Suriname Tyrone Spong Germany Danyo Ilunga
2013 Glory Middleweight
World Championship Tournament
September 28, 2013 Middleweight
(-85 kg/187.4 lb)
United States Joe Schilling Russia Artem Levin
2013 Glory Heavyweight
World Championship Tournament
October 12, 2013 Heavyweight
(+95 kg/209.4 lb)
Netherlands Rico Verhoeven Romania Daniel Ghiță
2013 Glory Lightweight
World Championship Tournament
November 23, 2013 Lightweight
(-70 kg/154.3 lb)
Suriname Andy Ristie Netherlands Robin van Roosmalen
2013 Glory Welterweight
World Championship Tournament
December 21, 2013 Welterweight
(-77 kg/169.8 lb)
Netherlands Nieky Holzken Canada Joseph Valtellini
2014 Glory Light Heavyweight
World Championship Tournament
April 12, 2014 Light Heavyweight
(-95 kg/209.4 lb)
Turkey Gökhan Saki Suriname Tyrone Spong
2014 Glory Middleweight
Last Man Standing Tournament
June 21, 2014 Middleweight
(-85 kg/187.4 lb)
Russia Artem Levin United States Joe Schilling

Contender Tournament winners[edit]

Tournament Date Weight class Winner[11] Runner-up
2014 Glory Middleweight
Contender Tournament
March 8, 2014 Middleweight
(-85 kg/187.4 lb)
Alex Pereira Sahak Parparyan
2014 Glory Heavyweight
Contender Tournament
May 3, 2014 Heavyweight
(+95 kg/209.4 lb)
Errol Zimmerman Anderson Silva
2014 Glory Featherweight
Contender Tournament
June 21, 2014 Featherweight
(-65 kg/143.3 lb)
Gabriel Varga Shane Oblonsky
2014 Glory Light Heavyweight
Contender Tournament
November 7, 2014 Light Heavyweight
(-95 kg/209.4 lb)
Saulo Cavalari Zack Mwekassa
2015 Glory Welterweight
Contender Tournament
February 6, 2015 Welterweight
(-77 kg/169.8 lb)
Nieky Holzken Raymond Daniels
2015 Glory Middleweight
Contender Tournament
April 3, 2015 Middleweight
(-85 kg/187.4 lb)

Qualification Tournament winners[edit]

Tournament Date Weight class Winner[12] Runner-up
2015 Glory Heavyweight
Qualification Tournament
May 8, 2015 Heavyweight
(+95 kg/209.4 lb)

Road to Glory Tournament winners[edit]

Tournament Date Weight class Winner[13] Runner-up
2013 Road to Glory USA
95 kg Tournament
February 2, 2013 Light Heavyweight
(-95 kg/209.4 lb)
Dustin Jacoby Brian Collette
2013 Road to Glory USA
85 kg Tournament
February 9, 2013 Middleweight
(-85 kg/187.4 lb)
Mike Lemaire Eddie Walker
2013 Road to Glory Japan
65 kg Tournament
March 10, 2013 Featherweight
(-65 kg/143.3 lb)
Masaaki Noiri Yuki
2013 Road to Glory USA
77 kg Tournament
March 22, 2013 Welterweight
(-77 kg/169.8 lb)
Francois Ambang Brett Hlavacek
2013 Road to Glory Japan
85 kg Tournament
May 3, 2013 Middleweight
(-85 kg/187.4 lb)
Kengo Shimizu Magnum Sakai
2013 Road to Glory USA
70 kg Tournament
May 11, 2013 Lightweight
(-70 kg/154.3 lb)
Michael Mananquil Troy Sheridan
2013 Road to Glory USA
Heavyweight Tournament
June 14, 2013 Heavyweight
(+95 kg/209.4 lb)
Xavier Vigney Maurice Green

Notable fighters[edit]

(+95 kg/209.4 lb)

Light Heavyweight
(-95 kg/209.4 lb)

(-85 kg/187.4 lb)

(-77 kg/169.8 lb)

(-70 kg/154.3 lb)

(-65 kg/143.3 lb)

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