United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest 1971

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Eurovision Song Contest 1971
Country  United Kingdom
National selection
Selection process A Song For Europe
Selection date(s) 20 February 1971
Selected entrant Clodagh Rodgers
Selected song "Jack in the Box"
Finals performance
Final result 4th, 98 points
United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest
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The United Kingdom held a national preselection to choose the song that would go to the Eurovision Song Contest 1971. It was held on 20 February 1971 and presented by Cliff Richard.


Artist Song Place
Clodagh Rodgers Look Left, Look Right 5
Clodagh Rodgers In my World of Beautiful Things 6
Clodagh Rodgers Jack in the Box 1
Clodagh Rodgers Another Time, Another Place 4
Clodagh Rodgers Wind of Change 2
Clodagh Rodgers Someone to Love me 2
The table is ordered by appearance.

Due to a postal strike, regional votes were announced for each song.

"Jack in the Box" won the national and went on to come 4th in the contest.