United Kingdom local elections, 1993

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Local elections were held in the United Kingdom in 1993. The results showed a decline for the governing Conservative Party with the third placed party, the Liberal Democrats, as the main beneficiaries in terms of seats.

The main opposition Labour Party, now led by John Smith following Neil Kinnock's resignation as party leader, gained 111 seats, bringing their number of councillors to 9,213. Their share of the vote was projected to be 39%, their highest since 1990.

The governing Conservative Party lost 486 seats and were left with 7,802 councillors. Their projected share of the vote was 31%, a 15% decline since the previous local elections in 1992.

The Liberal Democrats gained 395 seats and had 4,123 councillors after the elections. Their projected share of the vote was 25%, an increase in 5% from the 1992 local elections.


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