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United Planets
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
In-story information
Type of organization Government
Base(s) Metropolis and Weber's World

In the DC Comics Universe, the United Planets is a fictional governing body, traditionally depicted as active in the 30th and 31st century.

History of the published versions of the United Planets[edit]

In the context of published stories, the United Planets (or "UP" in abbreviated form) is usually shown as being composed of Earth and a large number of other planets in the Milky Way galaxy. Several published accounts have shown the United Planets' jurisdiction as extending beyond our Galaxy into others, although this aspect has been inconsistently addressed by writers and editors over the decades.

The Legion of Super-Heroes defends this interstellar nation. There is a governing body called the United Planets Inner Council that appears to have five members: the President of Earth and the heads of government of four other planets. One of those members serves as the president of the United Planets.[1] The capital of the United Planets is Superman's hometown of Metropolis, on the North American continent on Earth. The population of the United Planets is about 300 billion.[2] In later stories, it is stated that much of the government and bureaucracy of the United Planets is on Weber's World, an artificial world constructed for this purpose.


Among the enemies of the United Planets are: the Khund, Mordru, the Dominators, the Dark Circle.

In other media[edit]


  • The United Planets appears in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Far From Home." The Fatal Five used the brainwashed Legion members into attacking the United Planets.
  • The United Planets appeared in the Legion of Super-Heroes TV series. Like the Post-Zero Hour version, the United Planets is headed up by Phantom Girl's mother Winema Wazzo.


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