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United Southeast Asian Cultural Association, aka USEACA is a non-profit organization that has a goal in preserving the Southeast Asian culture and tradition. USEACA is the first organization in Washington State to bring together different martial art and dance instructors to organize annual cultural events. These events offer the public a glimpse of Southeast Asian culture, traditional kickboxing (Muay Thai, Pradal Serey, Muay Lao), and traditional dance performances (Khmer classical dance, Thailand Traditional Dance, and Laoatian traditional dance).

USEACA was an idea brought up in 2006 when three men (Master John, Srab Sroeuy, and Lo Heit) talked about how nice it would be to have an organization that would unite traditional martial art and traditional dance instructors and somehow showcase the relationship between Southeast Asian traditional cultural dance and martial art. From what was an idea a year prior, became the birth and reality of USEACA in 2007. Since then USEACA has grown and added new members, which include Bokator and Filipino Kali stick fighting instructors, as well as two traditional dance instructors (Khmer Classical/Folk Dance and Thailand Traditional Dance).

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