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United States Boxing Council logo.

The United States Boxing Council (USBC) is a governing body that sanctions regional championships bouts. It is an affiliated organization within the World Professional Boxing Federation (WPBF).

Current USBC Title Holders[edit]

Weight class: Champion: Date won:
Strawweight (105 lbs) vacant
Junior flyweight (108 lbs) vacant
Flyweight (112 lbs) vacant
Junior bantamweight (115 lbs) vacant
Bantamweight (118 lbs) United States Andre Wilson 27 September 2008
Junior featherweight (122 lbs) vacant
Featherweight (126 lbs) vacant
Junior lightweight (130 lbs) vacant
Lightweight (135 lbs) vacant
Junior welterweight (140 lbs) United States Jesus Rodriguez 18 November 2006
Welterweight (147 lbs) United States Hector Alatorre 13 October 2007
Junior middleweight (154 lbs) vacant
Middleweight (160 lbs) United States Perry Ballard 26 March 2011
Super middleweight (168 lbs) vacant
Light heavyweight (175 lbs) vacant
Cruiserweight (200 lbs) United States Jimmy Matz 4 May 2007
Heavyweight (200+ lbs) United States Mason Dixon 24 February 2005

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