1900 United States Census

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Twelfth Census
of the United States
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U.S. Department of the Interior seal
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Population Schedule
General information
Country United States
Date taken June 1, 1900
Total population 76,212,168
Percent change Increase 21.0%
Most populous state New York

The Twelfth United States Census, conducted by the Census Office on June 1, 1900,[1] determined the resident population of the United States to be 76,212,168, an increase of 21.0 percent over the 62,979,766 persons enumerated during the 1890 Census.

Census questions[edit]

The 1900 census collected the following information:[2]

  • address
  • name
  • relationship to head of family
  • gender
  • race (listed as "Color or race" on the census)
  • age, month and year born
  • marital status and, if married, number of years married
  • for women, number of children born and number now living
  • place of birth of person, and their parents
  • if foreign born, year of immigration and whether naturalized
  • occupation
  • months not employed
  • school
  • ability to speak English
  • whether on a farm
  • home owned or rented, and, if owned, whether mortgaged

Full documentation for the 1900 census, including census forms and enumerator instructions, is available from the Integrated Public Use Microdata Series.

Data availability[edit]

The original census enumeration sheets were microfilmed by the Census Bureau in the 1940s; after which the original sheets were destroyed.[3] The microfilmed census is available in rolls from the National Archives and Records Administration. Several organizations also host images of the microfilmed census online, along which digital indices.

Microdata from the 1900 census are freely available through the Integrated Public Use Microdata Series. Aggregate data for small areas, together with electronic boundary files, can be downloaded from the National Historical Geographic Information System.


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