United States District Court for the District of New Jersey

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United States District Court for the District of New Jersey
Seal of the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey
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Appeals to Third Circuit
Established September 24, 1789
Judges assigned 17
Chief judge Jerome B. Simandle
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The United States District Court for the District of New Jersey (in case citations, D.N.J.) is the federal district court whose jurisdiction is the state of New Jersey.

Cases brought in the District are appealed to the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit (except for patent claims and claims against the U.S. government under the Tucker Act, which are appealed to the Federal Circuit).


The District of New Jersey was one of the original 13 courts established by the Judiciary Act of 1789, 1 Stat. 73, on September 24, 1789.[1] The District was subdivided into the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New Jersey and the United States District Court for the Western District of New Jersey on February 13, 1801, by the Judiciary Act of 1801, 2 Stat. 89,[1] with the judicial districts being headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and Burlington, New Jersey, respectively. The repeal of the 1801 Act restored New Jersey as a single judicial district on March 8, 1802, 2 Stat. 132.[1] New Jersey is the largest state by population to only have one district court, and is larger in population than several states that have multiple districts.

In recent years, Congress has considered several bills, introduced by South Jersey representatives, to divide New Jersey into two districts, a Northern District and a Southern District. For example, such bills were introduced in the 106th Congress in 2000 and the 109th Congress in 2005.[2][3] None of these bills have ever passed either house of Congress. Proponents of the change have cited the caseload of the New Jersey District Court as well as the distance between the seats of the two proposed districts, Newark and Camden (85 miles) as justification for splitting the current district.[2] It has also been observed that such a split would guarantee South Jersey a greater share of judgeships as well as new positions to which residents of the area would be appointed, such as court clerks, U.S. Attorney, U.S. Marshal and Federal Public Defender for the new Southern District.


Old federal courthouse in Newark

The District of New Jersey is divided into three vicinages: Newark, Trenton and Camden, each of which operate from one of several federal courthouses in New Jersey.

The U.S. Attorney for the District of New Jersey represents the United States in civil and criminal litigation in the court. The U.S. Attorney has offices in Newark, Trenton and Camden. Paul J. Fishman was sworn into office as U.S. Attorney on October 14, 2009.[4]

Current judges[edit]

Jerome B. Simandle is the Chief Judge of the Court. The Clerk of the Court is William T. Walsh.

# Title Judge Duty station Born Term of service Appointed by
Active Chief Senior
64 Chief Judge Jerome B. Simandle Camden 1949 1992–present 2012-present G.H.W. Bush
69 District Judge Faith S. Hochberg Newark 1950 1999–present Clinton
70 District Judge Joel A. Pisano Trenton 1949 2000–present Clinton
72 District Judge William J. Martini Newark 1947 2002–present G.W. Bush
73 District Judge Jose L. Linares Newark 1953 2002–present G.W. Bush
74 District Judge Stanley R. Chesler Newark 1947 2002–present G.W. Bush
75 District Judge Robert B. Kugler Camden 1950 2002–present G.W. Bush
76 District Judge Freda L. Wolfson Trenton 1954 2002–present G.W. Bush
77 District Judge Renee Marie Bumb Camden 1960 2006–present G.W. Bush
78 District Judge Noel Lawrence Hillman Camden 1956 2006–present G.W. Bush
79 District Judge Peter G. Sheridan Trenton 1950 2006–present G.W. Bush
80 District Judge Susan Davis Wigenton Newark 1962 2006–present G.W. Bush
81 District Judge Claire C. Cecchi Newark 1964 2011–present Obama
82 District Judge Esther Salas Newark 1968 2011–present Obama
83 District Judge Kevin McNulty Newark 1954 2012–present Obama
84 District Judge Michael A. Shipp Newark 1965 2012–present Obama
85 District Judge Vacant
49 Senior District Judge Dickinson Richards Debevoise Newark 1924 1979–1994 1994–present Carter
51 Senior District Judge Anne Elise Thompson Trenton 1934 1979–2001 1994–2001 2001–present Carter
54 Senior District Judge Joseph H. Rodriguez Camden 1930 1985–1998 1998–present Reagan
62 Senior District Judge Mary Little Cooper Trenton 1946 1992–2011 2011-present G.H.W. Bush
63 Senior District Judge Joseph Eron Irenas Camden 1940 1992–2002 2002–present G.H.W. Bush
65 Senior District Judge William H. Walls Newark 1932 1994–2005 2005–present Clinton
68 Senior District Judge Katharine Sweeney Hayden Newark 1942 1997–2010 2010–present Clinton

Vacancies and pending nominations[edit]

Seat Seat last held by Vacancy reason Date of vacancy Nominee Date of nomination
14 Dennis M. Cavanaugh Retirement January 31, 2014 Madeline Cox Arleo June 26, 2014
9 Joel A. Pisano Retirement February 16, 2015[5]
13 Faith S. Hochberg Retirement March 6, 2015[5]
12 Stanley R. Chesler Senior Status June 15, 2015[5]

Former judges[edit]

# Judge State Born/Died Active service Chief Judge Senior status Appointed by Reason for
1 Brearley, DavidDavid Brearley NJ 1745–1790 1789–1790 Washington, Washington death
2 Morris, RobertRobert Morris NJ 1745–1815 1790–1801
Washington, Washington reassignment to E.D.N.J / W.D.N.J.[6]
3 Pennington, William SanfordWilliam Sanford Pennington NJ 1757–1826 1815[7]–1826 Madison, Madison death
4 Rossell, WilliamWilliam Rossell NJ 1760–1840 1826–1840 Adams, J.Q.J.Q. Adams death
5 Dickerson, MahlonMahlon Dickerson NJ 1770–1853 1840–1841 Van Buren, Van Buren resignation
6 Dickerson, PhilemonPhilemon Dickerson NJ 1788–1862 1841–1862 Van Buren, Van Buren death
7 Field, Richard StocktonRichard Stockton Field NJ 1803–1870 1863–1870 Lincoln, Lincoln resignation
8 Nixon, John T.John T. Nixon NJ 1820–1889 1870–1889 Grant, Grant death
9 Green, Edward T.Edward T. Green NJ 1837–1896 1889[8]–1896 Harrison, Harrison death
10 Kirkpatrick, AndrewAndrew Kirkpatrick NJ 1844–1904 1896–1904 Cleveland, Cleveland death
11 Lanning, William M.William M. Lanning NJ 1849–1912 1904–1909 Roosevelt, T.T. Roosevelt appointment to 3d Cir.
12 Cross, JosephJoseph Cross NJ 1843–1913 1905–1913 Roosevelt, T.T. Roosevelt death
13 Rellstab, JohnJohn Rellstab NJ 1858–1930 1909–1928 1928–1930 Taft, Taft death
14 Haight, Thomas GriffithThomas Griffith Haight NJ 1879–1942 1914–1919 Wilson, Wilson appointment to 3d Cir.
15 Davis, John WarrenJohn Warren Davis NJ 1867–1945 1916–1920 Wilson, Wilson appointment to 3d Cir.
16 Lynch, Charles FrancisCharles Francis Lynch NJ 1884–1942 1919–1925 Wilson, Wilson resignation
17 Bodine, Joseph LambJoseph Lamb Bodine NJ 1883–1950 1920–1929 Wilson, Wilson resignation
18 Runyon, William NelsonWilliam Nelson Runyon NJ 1871–1931 1923–1931 Harding, Harding death
19 Clark, WilliamWilliam Clark NJ 1891–1957 1925–1938 Coolidge, Coolidge appointment to 3d Cir.
20 McCarthy, James WilliamJames William McCarthy NJ 1872–1939 1928[9]–1929 Coolidge, Coolidge resignation
21 Fake, Guy LeverneGuy Leverne Fake NJ 1879–1957 1929–1951 1948–1951 1951–1957 Coolidge, Coolidge death
22 Avis, John BoydJohn Boyd Avis NJ 1875–1944 1929–1944 Hoover, Hoover death
23 Forman, PhillipPhillip Forman NJ 1895–1978 1932–1959 1951–1959 Hoover, Hoover appointment to 3d Cir.
24 Walker, Thomas GlynnThomas Glynn Walker NJ 1899–1993 1939[10]–1941 Roosevelt, F.F. Roosevelt resignation
25 Smith, William FrancisWilliam Francis Smith NJ 1904–1968 1941–1961 1959–1961 Roosevelt, F.F. Roosevelt appointment to 3d Cir.
26 Meaney, Thomas FrancisThomas Francis Meaney NJ 1888–1968 1942–1966 1966–1968 Roosevelt, F.F. Roosevelt death
27 Madden, Thomas M.Thomas M. Madden NJ 1907–1976 1945–1968 1961–1968 1968–1976 Truman, Truman death
28 Modarelli, Alfred EgidioAlfred Egidio Modarelli NJ 1898–1957 1951–1957 Truman, Truman death
29 Hartshorne, RichardRichard Hartshorne NJ 1888–1975 1951–1961 1961–1975 Truman, Truman death
30 Wortendyke, Jr., Reynier JacobReynier Jacob Wortendyke, Jr. NJ 1895–1975 1955–1970 1970–1975 Eisenhower, Eisenhower death
31 Morrill, MendonMendon Morrill NJ 1902–1961 1958–1961 Eisenhower, Eisenhower death
32 Lane, Arthur StephenArthur Stephen Lane NJ 1910–1997 1960–1967 Eisenhower, Eisenhower resignation
33 Augelli, Anthony ThomasAnthony Thomas Augelli NJ 1902–1985 1961–1972 1968–1972 1972–1974 Kennedy, Kennedy resignation
34 Coolahan, James AloysiusJames Aloysius Coolahan NJ 1903–1986 1962–1974 1972–1973 1974–1986 Kennedy, Kennedy death
35 Shaw, RobertRobert Shaw NJ 1907–1972 1962–1972 Kennedy, Kennedy death
36 Cohen, Mitchell HarryMitchell Harry Cohen NJ 1904–1991 1962–1974 1973–1974 1974–1991 Kennedy, Kennedy death
37 Whipple, Lawrence AloysiusLawrence Aloysius Whipple NJ 1910–1983 1967–1978 1974–1978 1978–1983 Johnson, L.L. Johnson death
38 Barlow, George HerbertGeorge Herbert Barlow NJ 1921–1979 1969–1979 1978–1979 Nixon, Nixon death
39 Garth, Leonard I.Leonard I. Garth NJ 1921–present 1969–1973 Nixon, Nixon appointment to 3d Cir.
40 Fisher, Clarkson ShermanClarkson Sherman Fisher NJ 1921–1997 1970–1987 1979–1987 1987–1997 Nixon, Nixon death
41 Kitchen, John JosephJohn Joseph Kitchen NJ 1911–1973 1970–1973 Nixon, Nixon death
42 Lacey, Frederick BernardFrederick Bernard Lacey NJ 1920–present 1971–1986 Nixon, Nixon retirement
43 Biunno, Vincent PasqualeVincent Pasquale Biunno NJ 1916–1991 1973–1982 1982–1991 Nixon, Nixon death
44 Stern, Herbert JayHerbert Jay Stern NJ 1936–present 1973–1987 Nixon, Nixon resignation
45 Meanor, Henry CurtisHenry Curtis Meanor NJ 1929–present 1974–1983 Nixon, Nixon resignation
46 Gerry, John F.John F. Gerry NJ 1926–1995 1974–1994 1987–1994 1994–1995 Ford, Ford death
47 Brotman, StanleyStanley Brotman NJ 1924–2014 1975–1990 1990–2014 Ford, Ford death
48 Ackerman, Harold ArnoldHarold Arnold Ackerman NJ 1928–2009 1979–1994 1994–2009 Carter, Carter death
50 Sarokin, H. LeeH. Lee Sarokin NJ 1928–present 1979–1994 Carter, Carter appointment to 3d Cir.
52 Bissell, John WinslowJohn Winslow Bissell NJ 1940–present 1982–2005 2001–2005 Reagan, Reagan retirement
53 Barry, Maryanne TrumpMaryanne Trump Barry NJ 1937–present 1983–1999 Reagan, Reagan appointment to 3d Cir.
55 Cowen, RobertRobert Cowen NJ 1930–present 1985–1987 Reagan, Reagan appointment to 3d Cir.
56 Brown Jr., Garrett E.Garrett E. Brown Jr. NJ 1943-present 1985–2012 2005–2012 2012 Reagan retirement
57 Lechner, Jr., Alfred JamesAlfred James Lechner, Jr. NJ 1948–present 1986–2001 Reagan, Reagan resignation
58 Politan, Nicholas H.Nicholas H. Politan NJ 1935–present 1987–2002 Reagan, Reagan retirement
59 Wolin, Alfred M.Alfred M. Wolin NJ 1932–present 1987–2000 2000–2004 Reagan, Reagan retirement
60 Lifland, John C.John C. Lifland NJ 1933–present 1988–2001 2001–2007 Reagan, Reagan retirement
61 Bassler, William G.William G. Bassler NJ 1938–present 1991–2005 2005–2006 Bush, G.H.W.G.H.W. Bush retirement
66 Orlofsky, StephenStephen Orlofsky NJ 1944–present 1995–2003 Clinton, Clinton resignation
67 Greenaway, Jr., Joseph A.Joseph A. Greenaway, Jr. NJ 1957–present 1996–2010 Clinton, Clinton appointment to 3d Cir.
71 Cavanaugh, Dennis M.Dennis M. Cavanaugh NJ 1947-present 2000–2014 Clinton Clinton retirement

Succession of seats[edit]

List of U.S. Attorneys[edit]

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