United States House Agriculture Subcommittee on Conservation, Energy, and Forestry

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The House Subcommittee on Conservation, Energy, and Forestry is a subcommittee within the House Agriculture Committee. The subcommittee oversees all agricultural matters relating to soil, water, and resource conservation; small watershed program; energy and biobased energy production; rural electrification; forestry in general and forest reserves other than those created from the public domain.[1]

The subcommittee was formerly known as the Subcommittee on Conservation, Credit, Rural Development and Research prior to the 110th Congress when rural development issues and several other of its responsibilities, such as farm security and family farming matters, plant pests and pesticides, and biotechnology were transferred to other subcommittees. Energy was also added to the subcommittee's title to reflect the committee's continued oversight over the federal Rural Electrification program and the increases development and use of biofuels in the United States.

At the start of the 112th Congress, the subcommittee gained jurisdiction over forestry issues from the Department Operations, Oversight, Nutrition and Forestry.[1]

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