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The United States Oil and Gas Association, formerly the Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Association, is a trade association which promotes the well-being of the oil and natural gas industries in the United States.

The association was founded on October 13, 1917, after the entry of the United States into World War I, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which called itself "The Oil Capital of the World".[1][2] At its creation, the association worked to provide petroleum to the Allied forces. In the decades since its establishment, the association is recognized as a leading advocate for producers of domestic oil and gas.[3]

Beginning in 1919, local divisions of the association were created in several states.[1]The Oklahoma-Kansas Division was established that year under the leadership of Frank Phillips, a founder of Phillips Petroleum Company, as well as oil company entrepreneurs William G. Skelly of Tulsa and H. H. Champlin of Enid, Oklahoma. E. W. Marland, whose company became Conoco, Inc., was later the governor of Oklahoma from 1935-1939. Alfred M. Landon, later the governor of Kansas from 1935-1939 and the 1936 Republican presidential nominee, was also instrumental in the establishment of the Oklahoma-Kansas division.[2]

The Louisiana Oil and Gas Association was founded in 1923, with emphasis in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. Headed by its president, former U.S. Representative Chris John of Louisiana's 7th congressional district, since disbanded, LMOGA represents companies involved in exploration and production, refining, transportation, and marketing as well as other firms in the fields of engineering, environment, finance, law, and government relations.[4]

The Texas association was also established in 1923 and renamed the Texas Oil & Gas Association in 1997.[1]

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