United States Senate Vice Presidential Bust Collection

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Dan Quayle, the most recent addition to the Vice Presidential Bust gallery

The United States Senate Vice Presidential Bust Collection is a series of 44 busts in the United States Capitol, each one bearing the likenesses of a Vice President of the United States. Each sculpture, from John Adams to Dan Quayle, honors the role of the Vice President as both a member of the executive branch and as president of the Senate. The Joint Committee on the Library, acting under a resolution of May 13, 1886, was the first to commission busts of the vice presidents to occupy the niches in the new Senate Chamber. After the first 20 busts filled the niches surrounding the Chamber, later additions were placed throughout the Senate wing of the Capitol. The collection is incomplete; busts of former Vice Presidents Al Gore and Dick Cheney are in the process of being created, and current Vice President Joe Biden is expected to have a bust by the end of his second term.[1][2]

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