United States Senate election in Hawaii, 2006

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United States Senate election in Hawaii, 2006
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November 7, 2006 → 2012

  Daniel Akaka official photo.jpg
Nominee Daniel Akaka Cynthia Thielen
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 210,330 126,097
Percentage 61.4% 36.8%

Hawaii Election Results by County, all Democratic.svg

County Results

U.S. Senator before election

Daniel Akaka

Elected U.S. Senator

Daniel Akaka

The 2006 United States Senate election in Hawaii was held November 7, 2006. Incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Daniel Akaka won re-election to his third full term.

Democratic primary[edit]



Case had stated that although he has the deepest respect for Daniel Akaka, Hawaii is in a time of transition with regard to the state's representation in Congress which requires that the state phase in the next generation to provide continuity in that service. He had warned the state would lose all clout in Washington if the state's two US Senators, both of whom are over 80 years old, leave office within a short time of each other. If a Senator were to die, Hawaii election law requires that the governor appoint a replacement of the same party. Republican Governor Linda Lingle and U.S. Senate Hawaii Candidate 2006,2010,2012 Eddie Pirkowski may run for the seat in 2012 if Akaka retires.[1]

Hawaii's other Representative, Neil Abercrombie, and other Senator, Daniel Inouye, pledged their support to Sen. Akaka. [2]


Source Date Akaka Case
Honolulu Advertiser/Ward Research September 17, 2006 51% 38%
Rasmussen August 11, 2006 47% 45%
Honolulu Advertiser/Ward Research July 2, 2006 51% 40%
QMark Research & Polling May 15, 2006 40% 38%


Democratic Primary results[3]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Daniel K. Akaka 129,158 54.65%
Democratic Ed Case 107,163 45.35%
Totals 236,321 100%

Republican primary[edit]


  • Cynthia Thielen, Hawaii State Representative; Thielen was appointed by the state Republican Party to take the place of Jerry Coffee, who withdrew but still won the primary.
  • Eddie Pirkowski, businessman
  • Mark Beatty, attorney and businessman
  • Charles "Akacase" Collins
  • Jay Friedheim, aAttorney & previous U.S. Senate Candidate (1998 & 2004)
  • Steve Tataii, Conflict Resolution Teacher & author of 3 recent books on Iraq War
  • Jerry Coffee, retired Navy captain, Vietnam War POW, and motivational speaker; he withdrew from the race before the Republican primary but his name still appeared on the ballot


Thielen won the party nomination and replaced the winner of the primary, Jerry Coffee.

Republican Primary results[3]
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Jerry Coffee 10,139 41.01%
Republican Mark Beatty 6,057 24.50%
Republican Akacase Collins 3,146 12.72%
Republican Jay Friedheim 2,299 9.30%
Republican Steve Tataii 1,601 6.48%
Republican Eddie Pirkowski 1,482 5.99%
Totals 24,724 100%

General election[edit]



Source Date Akaka (D) Thielen(R)
Rasmussen August 11, 2006 58% 30%


General election results
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Democratic Daniel Akaka (inc.) 210,330 61.4% -11.5%
Republican Cynthia Thielen 126,097 36.8% +12.3%
Libertarian Lloyd Mallan 6,415 1.9% +1.0%
Majority 84,233 24.6%
Turnout 342,842
Democratic hold Swing

Akaka won in all 4 Hawaii counties, taking at least 60% of the vote in each area.


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