United States Senate election in Wisconsin, 2004

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United States Senate election in Wisconsin, 2004
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November 2, 2004 → 2010

  Russ Feingold official photo 2.jpg Tim Michels cropped.jpg
Nominee Russ Feingold Tim Michels
Party Democratic Republican
Popular vote 1,632,697 1,301,183
Percentage 55.4% 44.1%


County results

U.S. Senator before election

Russ Feingold

Elected U.S. Senator

Russ Feingold

The 2004 United States Senate election in Wisconsin was held November 2, 2004. Incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Russ Feingold won re-election to a third term.

Major candidates[edit]




Michels insisted he has more real world experience than Feingold, someone he called an "extreme liberal" who's out of touch with Wisconsin voters.[1] Feingold attacked back by saying that any Republican would be a rubber stamp for President Bush. The incumbent had $2.2 million in the bank, while Michels had already spent $1 million in the primary and had only about $150,000 left.[2]

After U.S. Senator John Ensign, Chairman of the NRSC, was finally convinced in October that Michels had a shot, the national GOP pledged $600,000 for Tim Michels.[3]

On October 1st, a poll showed Feingold leading 52% to 39%.[4] In mid October, another poll showed Feingold winning 48% to 43%. A poll at the end of the month showed him leading 51% to 36%.[5]


General election results Russell D. Feingold 1,632,697 55% Tim Michels 1,301,183 44% Arif Khan Libertarian 8,367 0.3% Eugene A. Hem Independent 6,662 0.2%


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