United States elections, 1874

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The 1874 United States general election occurred in the middle of Republican President Ulysses S. Grant's second term, during the Third Party System. Members of the 44th United States Congress were chosen in this election. Colorado joined the union during the 44th Congress. Democrats took control of a chamber of Congress for the first time since the start of the Civil War, winning a huge number of seats from House Republicans. The Republicans retained a majority in the Senate.

In the House, Democrats won massive gains when the Republicans lost a total of 93 seats (the second-largest swing in the history of the House, and the largest House loss by the Republican Party), turning a dominant Republican majority into a similarly-dominant Democratic majority.[1]

In the Senate, Democrats picked up several seats, but Republicans retained a commanding majority.[2]

These elections marked the first-ever post-Reconstruction occurrence of what is now known as the Six-year itch, when a two-term President's party loses seats in both houses of Congress in the sixth year of the President's time in office.

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