United States elections, 1948

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The 1948 United States general election was held on November 2, 1948. Harry S. Truman was elected to his first full term as president.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party, who had just won both the House and the Senate two years earlier, ceded control of both chambers to the Democrats.


In what is considered by most historians as the greatest election upset in American history, Harry S. Truman defeated Republican Thomas E. Dewey. Going into Election Day, virtually every prediction (with or without public opinion polls) indicated that Truman would lose. He also won overcoming a three-way split in his own party.

United States Senate[edit]

The Democrats gained nine seats in the Senate, enough to give them control of the chamber over the Republicans. Truman had campaigned against an "obstructionist" Congress that had blocked many of his initiatives, and in addition the U.S. economy recovered from the postwar recession of 1946-1947 by election day.

United States House of Representatives[edit]

As in the Senate, Truman's "obstructionist" message gave the Democrats a net gain of 75 seats in the House, giving them control of the chamber.