United States elections, 1974

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The 1974 United States midterm elections were held on November 5. These elections, as part of the usual pattern of the Six-year itch, were held in the wake of the Watergate scandal, Richard M. Nixon's resignation from the presidency, and Gerald Ford's subsequent pardon of Nixon. These circumstances hurt the Republicans, and they lost seats in both houses of Congress.

United States Senate[edit]

The Democrats made a net gain of three Senate seats from the Republicans. This became four after the Senate voided the contested election in New Hampshire and Democrat John A. Durkin (D-NH) won a special election. After the special election, Democrats possessed 61 seats to 38 for the Republicans, with one Independent who caucused with the Democrats and one Conservative who caucused with the Republicans.

United States House of Representatives[edit]

The Democrats made large gains in the House, taking 49 seats from the Republicans and increasing their majority above the two-thirds mark.