United States elections, 2015

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2015 United States elections
Off-year elections
Election day November 3
Congressional special elections
Seats contested TBD
Gubernatorial elections
Seats contested 3
Color coded map of the 2015 gubernatorial races
Map of the 2015 gubernatorial races
Light blue: Term-limited Democrat
Dark red: Republican incumbent
Light red: Term-limited Republican
Gray: no election

The 2015 United States general elections will be held on Tuesday, November 3, 2015. This off-year election will only feature special elections to the United States Congress. There will also be gubernatorial and state legislative elections in a few states; as well as numerous citizen initiatives, mayoral races, and a variety of other local offices on the ballot.

Special Elections to the 114th Congress[edit]

Special Senate Elections[edit]

Special Senate elections will arise if Senators vacate their seats during the 114th United States Congress.

Special Congessional Elections[edit]

Special House elections will be held if Representatives vacate their seats during the 114th United States Congress.

State elections[edit]


At least three states will hold gubernatorial elections in 2015:

Special elections may be held if sitting governors vacate their seats.

State legislatures[edit]

Legislative elections are expected to be held for four states in 2015: Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Virginia.[4]

Municipal elections[edit]

Various elections will be held for officeholders in numerous cities, counties, school boards, special districts and others around the country.

Mayoral elections[edit]

Some of the large cities holding mayoral elections include:[5]


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