United States elections, 2015

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2015 United States elections
Off-year elections
Election day November 3
Congressional special elections
Seats contested TBD
Gubernatorial elections
Seats contested 3
Color coded map of the 2015 gubernatorial races
Map of the 2015 gubernatorial races
Light blue: Term-limited Democrat
Light red: Term-limited Republican
Dark red: Republican incumbent
gubernatorial and state legislative elections in a few states; as well as numerous citizen initiatives, mayoral races, and a variety of other local offices on the ballot.

The United States general elections of 2015 will be held (for the most part) on Tuesday, November 3. This is an off-year election, in which the only seats up for election in the United States Congress will be special elections, should any occur. There will be three gubernatorial races, state legislative elections in four states and judicial elections in three states; as well as numerous citizen initiatives, mayoral races, and a variety of other local offices on the ballot.

Special elections to the 114th Congress[edit]

Special Senate elections[edit]

Special Senate elections will arise if Senators vacate their seats during the 114th United States Congress.

Special House elections[edit]

Special House of Representatives elections will be held if Representatives vacate their seats during the 114th United States Congress. These include:

State elections[edit]


At least three states will hold gubernatorial elections in 2015:

If required in a state's constitution, special elections may be held if sitting governors vacate their seats. Otherwise, the constitutional successor would complete the rest of the gubernatorial term.

Statewide executive offices[edit]

Three states will hold elections for statewide executive offices in 2015:

State legislatures[edit]

Legislative elections will be held for four states in 2015: Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey and Virginia.[5]

Local elections[edit]

Various elections will be held for officeholders in numerous cities, counties, school boards, special districts and others around the country.

Mayoral elections[edit]

Some of the large cities holding mayoral elections include:[6]


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