United States national handball team

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United States
Shirt badge/Association crest
Association USA Team Handball
Coach Javier Cuesta
Kit left arm shouldersonwhite.png
Team colours
Team colours
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Team colours
Team colours
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Team colours
Team colours
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Team colours
Team colours
World Championship
Appearances 6 (first in 1964)
Best result 15th, 1964
American Handball Championship
Appearances 14 (first in 1979)
Best result 2nd, 1983 & 1985
Last updated on Unknown.

The United States national handball team is the national handball team of United States and is controlled by the USA Team Handball. Due to disputes over funding, general lack of fiscal discipline, and accusations of incompetence, on February 14, 2006, the USOC revoked the governing duties of the sport from the United States Team Handball Federation but has since selected USA Team Handball as the new National Governing Body.[1]

Summer Olympics record[edit]

Year Position
Germany 1936 6th place
West Germany 1972 14th place
Canada 1976 10th place
United States 1984 9th place
South Korea 1988 12th place
United States 1996 9th place
Total 6/12

World Championship record[edit]

Year Position
Czechoslovakia 1964 15th place
France 1970 16th place
East Germany 1974 16th place
Sweden 1993 16th place
Iceland 1995 21st Place
France 2001 24th place
Total 6/23

Pan American Championship record[edit]

Year Position
Mexico 1979 Third place
Argentina 1981 Third place
United States 1983 2nd Place
Brazil 1985 2nd Place
Cuba 1989 Third place
Brazil 1994 Third place
United States 1996 Third place
Cuba 1998 4th place
Brazil 2000 4th place
Argentina 2002 4th place
Chile 2004 8th place
Brazil 2006 4th place
Argentina 2012 7th place
Uruguay 2014 6th place
Total 14/16

Pan American Games record[edit]

Year Position
United States 1987 First place
Cuba 1991 Third place
Argentina 1995 4th place
Canada 1999 4th place
Dominican Republic 2003 Third place
Mexico 2011 7th place
Total 6/7

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