United States national roller hockey team

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United States
United States
Association USA Roller Sports
Confederation CPRS
Coach James Trussell
CIRH ranking 14[1]

The United States national roller hockey team is the national team side of United States at international roller hockey. Usually is part of FIRS Roller Hockey World Cup and CSP Copa America.

United States squad - 2010 FIRS Roller Hockey B World Cup [2][edit]

# Player Hometown Club
1 William Mihay
Troy Sato
Field Players
# Player Hometown Club
Joshua Englund (Captain)
Shane Enlow
Shawn Schmelcher
Dylan Sordahl
Nic Robinson
Richard Trussell
Lucas W. Thompson
Michael Trussell
Team Staff
  • General Manager:
  • Mechanic:
Coaching Staff
  • Head Coach: James Trussell
  • Assistant: James "Pat" Ferguson



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