United States presidential election in Missouri, 1904

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This article describes the United States presidential election, 1904, in Missouri. The state voted for the eventual winner of this election and in every year since, with the exception of the 1956 election, the 2008 election and the 2012 election.

Missouri has voted in presidential elections since 1820.

Presidential Candidate Running Mate Party Electoral Vote (EV) Popular Vote (PV)
Theodore Roosevelt Charles Fairbanks Republican 18[1] 321,449 49.93%
Alton Parker Henry G. Davis Democrat 0 296,312 46.02%
Eugene V. Debs Benjamin Hanford Socialist Party USA 0 13,009 2.02%
Silas C. Swallow George Carroll Prohibition Party 0 7,191 1.12%
Thomas E. Watson Thomas Tibbles Progressive People's Party 0 4,226 0.66%
Charles Corregan William Cox Socialist Labor Party 0 1,674 0.26%

Statewide winner in bold. See main article : U.S. presidential election, 1900.