United States presidential election in New Mexico, 1924

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United States presidential election in New Mexico, 1924
New Mexico
1920 ←
November 4, 1924
→ 1928

  John Calvin Coolidge, Bain bw photo portrait.jpg John William Davis.jpg Robert M La Follette, Sr.jpg
Nominee Calvin Coolidge John W. Davis Robert M. La Follette
Party Republican Democratic Progressive
Home state Massachusetts West Virginia Wisconsin
Running mate Charles G. Dawes Charles W. Bryan Burton K. Wheeler
Electoral vote 3 0 0
Popular vote 54,745 48,542 9,543
Percentage 48.52% 43.02% 8.46%

President before election

Calvin Coolidge

Elected President

Calvin Coolidge

The 1924 United States presidential election in New Mexico took place on November 4, 1924. All 48 States were part of the United States presidential election. New Mexico voters chose three electors to represent them in the Electoral College, which voted for President and Vice President.

New Mexico was won by incumbent President Calvin Coolidge, who ran against West Virginia Congressman John W. Davis, and Progressive Party icon Robert La Follette. That Coolidage won New Mexico with less than half of the electorate is telling of the critical split in the rapidly liberalizing Democratic Party, which was occurring at this time between the traditional Democrats and the more radical Progressive Party.[1] Such a split in the liberal vote was common across many States in this election, including many rural States.


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