United States presidential election in Pennsylvania, 1812

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United States presidential election in Pennsylvania, 1812
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  James Madison.jpg DeWitt Clinton by Rembrandt Peale.jpg
Nominee James Madison DeWitt Clinton
Party Democratic-Republican Federalist
Home state Virginia New York
Running mate Elbridge Gerry Jared Ingersoll
Electoral vote 25 0
Popular vote 48,816 29,162
Percentage 62.60% 37.40%

The 1812 United States presidential election in Pennsylvania took place as part of the 1812 United States presidential election. Voters chose 25 representatives, or electors to the Electoral College,[1] who voted for President and Vice President.

Pennsylvania voted for the Democratic-Republican candidate, James Madison, over the Federalist candidate, DeWitt Clinton. Madison won Pennsylvania by a margin of 25.2%.


United States presidential election in Pennsylvania, 1812[2]
Party Candidate Votes Percentage Electoral votes
Democratic-Republican James Madison 48,816 62.60% 25
Federalist DeWitt Clinton 29,162 37.40% 0
Totals 77,978 100.0% 25

Note: Election results totals only include known numbers, as verified by the source. Vote totals from several counties are missing/unknown.


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