United States presidential election in Vermont, 1920

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United States presidential election in Vermont, 1920
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November 2, 1920
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  Warren G Harding portrait as senator June 1920.jpg James M. Cox 1920.jpg
Nominee Warren G. Harding James M. Cox
Party Republican Democratic
Home state Ohio Ohio
Running mate Calvin Coolidge Franklin D. Roosevelt
Electoral vote 4 0
Popular vote 68,212 20,919
Percentage 75.82% 23.25%

Vermont Election Results by County 1920.svg

County Results

President before election

Woodrow Wilson

Elected President

Warren G. Harding

The 1920 United States Presidential Election in Vermont took place on November 2, 1920 as part of the 1920 United States Presidential Election which was held throughout all contemporary 48 states. Voters chose 4 representatives, or electors to the Electoral College, who voted for President and Vice President.

Vermont voted overwhelmingly for the Republican nominee, Senator Warren G. Harding of Ohio, over the Democratic nominee, Governor James M. Cox of Ohio. Harding ran with Governor Calvin Coolidge of Massachusetts, while Cox ran with Assistant Secretary of the Navy Franklin D. Roosevelt of New York.

Harding won in a massive landslide, taking 75.82% of the vote, while Cox took 23.25%, a Republican victory margin of 52.57%.

Vermont historically was a bastion of liberal Northeastern Republicanism, and by 1920 the Green Mountain State had gone Republican in every presidential election since the founding of the Republican Party. From 1856 to 1916, Vermont had had the longest streak of voting Republican of any state, having never voted Democratic before, and this tradition easily continued amidst the nationwide Republican landslide in 1920.

Harding was also helped in the state by the local popularity of his running mate, Calvin Coolidge, a traditional New England Yankee born in the small-town of Plymouth Notch, Vermont, who had started his political career nearby as Governor of Massachusetts.

Harding swept every county in Vermont by landslide margins, taking more than 60% of the vote in all 14 of them. Harding broke 70% of the vote in 11 counties, and even broke 80% in 5 of them.

Vermont would be the third most Republican state in the union in terms of victory margin, and the second most Republican state in terms of vote share. Vermont would weigh in as over 26% more Republican than the national average in the 1920 election.


United States presidential election in Vermont, 1920[1]
Party Candidate Votes Percentage Electoral votes
Republican Warren G. Harding 68,212 75.82% 4
Democratic James M. Cox 20,919 23.25% 0
Prohibition Aaron S. Watkins 774 0.86% 0
N/A Write-ins 56 0.06% 0
Totals 89,961 100.00% 4


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