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United Surgical Partners International Inc.
Founder(s) Don Steen
Headquarters Addison, TX, U.S.
Key people Bill Wilcox CEO
Brett Brodnax President and Chief Development Officer
Jason Cagle CFO
Niels P. Vernegaard Chief Operating Officer

United Surgical Partners International (USPI) was founded in 1998, and is one of the prominent leaders in ambulatory surgery and short-stay medicine. 6,500 surgeons use USPI's facilities yearly vis-a-vis strategic partnership.

Founded by current Chairman Don Steen in 1998, USPI has since grown rapidly. USPI currently manages over 200 surgical centers in the US and England. The company went public in 2001 and was taken private again in 2007. Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe - a private equity firm out of NYC - is the current major stockholder.

USPI posted system-wide revenues of over $1.6 billion.

United Surgical is based in Addison, TX


United Surgical Partners International was founded in 1998 by Don Steen along with the primary stockholder Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe.

The first USPI outpatient surgery facility was Dexeus Hospital in Barcelona, Spain. It was acquired in April 1998. The first US facilities were acquired with an acquisition in July 1998. They were in Tennessee, Missouri, and Alabama.

The first hospital joint venture followed shortly in June 1999 with Baylor Health Care System.

USPI later expanded to the UK in April 2000 by acquiring facilities in London.

Corporate Governance[edit]

[1] Current board members include Chairman Don Steen, William Wilcox, Paul Queally, Raymond Ranelli, D. MacKesy, John Garrett, Joel Fache, Boone Powell Jr., James Newman, and Michael Donovan.

Business Strategy[edit]

Their competitive advantage is a focus on a three-way-joint-venture model which involves the connection of hospital partner + physician + management company.

USPI enters a targeted market by acquiring or developing surgical facilities in partnership with local physicians and, wherever possible, with a local hospital or health system. USPI approaches potential hospital partners to joint venture their outpatient surgical operations with those of USPI or to jointly develop a network of ASCs throughout the health system's service area. Many hospitals want to offer outpatient surgery in a freestanding center in order to more effectively compete in retaining or attracting surgeons and managed care contracting to their facilities. The USPI/hospital joint venture enables the parties to leverage USPI’s management strengths to improve the surgical operations both in service and economic results.

Company Culture[edit]

USPI’s mission is to provide first-class surgical services for the local community in a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment; one in which we would be happy to treat our own families.


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