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United Synagogue Youth
Abbreviation USY
Formation 1951[citation needed]
Type Youth Organization
Purpose/focus Religious
Headquarters New York, NY 10017
Location 820 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10017
Region served North America[citation needed]
Membership 15,000[citation needed]
Director Rabbi Dave Levy
President Aaron Pluemer
Main organ International Executive Board, International General Board
Parent organization United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ)
Affiliations Conservative Judaism
Website http://usy.org/
Old USY logo

United Synagogue Youth (USY) is the youth movement of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.[1] USY operates in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Uganda. The goal of the movement is to bring Jewish teenagers closer to Judaism and Israel through learning and social interaction. The organization was founded in 1951, under the auspices of the Youth Commission of what was then the United Synagogue of America.[citation needed]

Summer programs[edit]

USY runs summer programs across the United States and in Europe with all European trips going to Israel.

High school programs[edit]

USY High is an eight-week program in which high schoolers (juniors and seniors) live at the Israel Goldstein Youth Village in Jerusalem, studying and exploring Israel. In the campus classroom, participants are introduced chronologically to each historical period. Campus class time is interspersed with time experiencing the "classroom without walls" - the Land of Israel. Participants learn in an ancient cave, a mountain fortress, an army bunker, riding on a camel, or at the beach. It is the sister program of Tichon Ramah Yerushalaim (TRY), which is done by Ramah. TRY is seventeen weeks long and is for sophomores and juniors.[2]

USY International Convention[edit]

USY holds an annual convention during the winter school vacation season. The Convention includes regional delegations totaling approximately 800 teenagers ages 15 –18, plus an additional 150 staff members. The location changes from year to year, covering several regions of North America over a period of a few years.

This year’s International Convention took place in New Orleans, December 22–26, 2013. During the week of the Convention, the teenagers (or as they are affectionately known "the USYers") participate in community service, educational, leadership, religious, cultural and social programming.

Abraham Joshua Heschel Honor Society[edit]

The Heschel Honor Society is a club for USY members of secular and religious academic excellence. The club is named after Abraham Joshua Heschel. Members meet during regional conventions to discuss topics that Heschel wrote about. The Heschel Honor society holds an annual convention in March. The 2012 Heschel Kinnus will be held in Washington DC.


Hechalutzim is a club for USY members interested in Israel affairs and Religious Zionism. Members of Hechalutzim convene for regional weekends and special programs. In addition, a delegate from each region is sent to Israel with the Hechalutzim Israel Seminar.


Name of region Details of name Areas covered
CHUSY Chicagoland USY Northern Illinois, Milwaukee, Madison
CRUSY Central Region USY Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana,

Kentucky, West Virginia

ECRUSY Eastern Canadian Region USY Southern Ontario; Toronto, Hamilton, London, Richmond hill, Ottowa
Emtza USY Hebrew: אמצע, "middle" Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri,

Nebraska, Western Wisconsin, Manitoba

EPA USY Eastern Pennsylvania USY Eastern and Northern Pennsylvania from Harrisburg to Scranton
Far West USY Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada,

Hawaii, Utah

Hagalil USY Hebrew: הגליל, "the Galilee" Northern and Central New Jersey
Hagesher USY Hebrew: הגשר, "The bridge" Philadelphia area, Main Line, Brynmawr, South Jersey.
Hanefesh USY Hebrew: הנפש, "the soul" Connecticut and Western Massachusetts
Hanegev USY Hebrew: הנגב, "the Negev" Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Southern North Carolina, South Carolina, Barbados and Puerto Rico.
METNY USY Metropolitan New York USY Greater New York City and Long Island
NERUSY New England Region USY Eastern Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire,

Vermont, Rhode Island

New Frontier USY New Frontier USY Northern California, Reno, Nevada
Pinwheel USY Pacific Northwest USY Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Idaho, Alaska, Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta
Seaboard USY Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Northeastern North Carolina
SWUSY Southwest USY Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mexico
Tzafon USY Hebrew: צפון, "North" Upstate New York, Western Massachusetts, Southwestern Vermont

In Pop Culture[edit]

In the fictional blog A Day in the life of the Mac-Attack written by BlogSpot User The Jewish Blogger, the protagonists are all involved in fictional West Coast USY.

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International Executive Board[edit]

In December 2013, International USY Voting Delegates voted in the following 6 members of International Executive Board 2014:

  • President - Aaron Pluemer (New Frontier)
  • Israel Affairs Vice President - Ariel Weinstein (EMTZA)
  • Religion/Education Vice President - Gila Fridkis (Seaboard)
  • Social Action/Tikun Olam Vice President - Joseph Goldberg (EMTZA)
  • Membership/Kadima Vice President - Abraham Bayer (Hanefesh)
  • Communications Vice President - Brandon Ginsberg (Hanegev)


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