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Unitel Group
Corporate Group
Industry Information Technology
Founded 2005 BSB Consortium
2006 as Unitel LLC
2011 as Unitel Group
Headquarters Central Tower
Ulan Bator, Mongolia
Key people

Biliguun Batbold, President
Bold Ganbat, Vice President, CMO
Jamyansharav Dorjdagva, Vice President, CFO
Products Mobile Network Operator
Internet service provider
ICT infrastructure
Telecommunication services
Satellite communications
Number of employees
1000 (2014)
Website http://www.unitel.mn

Unitel ( Universal or United telecommunications) is a Mongolian Corporate Group of ICT companies. It was founded on December 23, 2005 as BSB consortium as GSM mobile phone operator, and began operations on June 26, 2006. The company was renowned with its unique marketing and innovative products. As a mobile operator Unitel is the second largest mobile operator in terms of subscriber base in Mongolia. Its revenue, profits and revenue per subscriber (ARPU) figures are rapidly growing. Within its initial year Unitel acquired 200 thousand subscribers, probably the biggest acquisition in one year in Mongolian telecommunication history so far. In 2009 Unitel launched its 3G network on HSDPA 2100 MHz. Unitel network covers approximately 88% of total population of Mongolia. In November 2010 Unitel declared that it has become 100% indigenous company (i.e. Mongolian share owners bought all share from the Korean side). In 2001 Unitel renewed its logo. Logo (Fibonacci spiral) represents growth and harmony. Major shareholder of the Unitel is MCS Holding, Mongolian largest private held organization.

Members of the group[edit]

  • UNITEL, mobile network operator
  • MCS Com, broadband ISP
  • MONSAT, satellite communication service provider
  • SKYNETWORKS, Mongolia's biggest fiber-optic network
  • SKYNETCOM, new era of fixed phone
  • UNIVISION, triple-play operator IPTV, internet, fixed phone


  • 2001. MCSCom was established and provided broadband internet service.
  • 2003. Monsat introduced satellite communication service for the first time in Mongolia.
  • 2004. Skynetworks started construction of its UB’s widest fiber-optic network.
  • 2005. BSB Telecom consortium (Unitel) won an open tender to select the third operator with mandate to ensure fair competition in mobile industry.
  • 2006. Unitel launched its cellular phone service with GSM technology.
  • 2007. Skynetcom introduced Mongolia’s first fixed IP phone service.
  • 2008. Unitel built own nationwide reliable network.
  • 2009. Unitel extended its worldwide international roaming coverage.
  • 2010. Unitel became a 100 percent Mongolia company.
  • 2011. Univision launched first triple-play service (IPTV, IPPhone, IPNet) of Mongolia.
  • 2011. Unitel, MCSCom, Monsat, Skynetworks, Skynetcom and Univision united to establish UNITEL GROUP.
  • 2014. Unitel, Mongolian №1 ICT Group


Mobile services[edit]

  • Postpaid services
  • Prepaid services
  • BlackBerry
  • International calling | IDD, Roaming
  • IP phone service
  • Content services
  • 3.5G services
  • Value added services


  • Fiber optic (Fiber Core)
  • High speed Ethernet Bandwidth
  • FTTx Ethernet
  • Designated (Exclusive) Network
  • High security VPN
  • IX (Internet Exchange)
  • Wireless network
  • 3.5G network

Corporate ICT solution[edit]

  • Network establishment (satellite, fiber optic, radio)
  • Internet
  • Ethernet and VPN
  • Mobile, satellite and fixed phone
  • M2M
  • LBS
  • Mobile Marketing

Satellite communication services[edit]

Triple play[edit]

  • IPTV
  • Internet
  • Fixed phone

Cloud computing[edit]

In 2011 Unitel launches the GreenBerry mobile mail service, which is Mongolia's first clouding service under an exclusive agreement with SEVEN Networks, US company.


  • Network coverage in 464 regions
  • 42 service centers, about 10000 sales points and mobile dealers

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