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Unitrends Corporation
Industry Information technology
Founded 1989
Headquarters Burlington, MA, USA
Products Backup and Disaster Recovery Appliances and Related Products
Website www.unitrends.com

Unitrends Inc. is a US-based company specializing in network-based disk-to-disk, vertically integrated backup appliances for business continuity and disaster recovery.[1]


Unitrends produces a number of physical appliances ranging from small desktop backup appliances to large rack-mounted backup appliances. Unitrends also produces virtual appliances for VMware and Hyper-V marketed as Unitrends Enterprise Backup. The physical appliances typically consist of some level of redundant components; most notably RAID in the form of RAID 1, RAID 6, and RAID 10.[2] These appliances have a “personality” that allows each to perform either on-premise backup, off-premise disaster recovery, or through a technology known as cross-vaulting (a form of replication) an appliance may concurrently perform on-premise backup and off-premise disaster recovery.[3] Unitrends also offers a multi-tenant public cloud based service that the company calls “Vault2Cloud.” The company states that Vault2Cloud is based on its previous product offering using its backup appliances to perform off-premise disaster recovery in a single-tenant private cloud deployment methodology.[4]


Unitrends uses file- and image-based backup techniques coupled with storage-based and in-flight encryption, compression and data deduplication. The technology supports bare-metal restore as well as file-based recovery.[5] Unitrends supports a form of disk staging in what it terms as D2D2x (Disk-to-Disk-to-Any) where “x” can be a disk, a tape, a private single-tenant cloud, or a public multi-tenant cloud.[6] The company attempts to sell its support of storage, operating system, and application heterogeneity and claims that it supports over 100 versions of operating systems and applications.[7] Unitrends states that it uses a web 2.0 user interface that allows it to manage from one to hundreds of its appliances in a single pane of glass.[8]


Unitrends was founded in 1989 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina by Steve Schwartz.[9] It is currently headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts.[10]

The executive and operational management of Unitrends include:

  • Mark Campbell, CMO/CTO[11]
  • Brad Miller, CFO [12]
  • James Legg, EVP/General Manager
  • Subo Guha, Vice President, Product Management [13]

Unitrends is part of Insight Venture Partners investment portfolio.[14]


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