Unity Labour Party

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Unity Labour Party
Leader Ralph Gonsalves
Founded 16 October 1994

Democratic socialism

Agrarian socialism
Political position Centre-left to Left-Wing
International affiliation COPPPAL (observer)[1]
8 / 15
Politics of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Political parties

The Unity Labour Party (ULP) is a democratic socialist political party in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Currently the governing party, it is led by Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves.[2]


The party was formed in 1994 from the merger of the Saint Vincent Labour Party and the Movement for National Unity.[2] The parties had run as an alliance in the elections earlier that year, promising voters that they would merge after the election regardless of the result.[2] In the 1998 elections they received 54.6% of the vote, but the New Democratic Party won a majority of seats. However, in the 2001 general election the ULP won its first parliamentary majority, winning twelve of the fifteen seats.[3] The party won another majority in the 2005 general election.[4] With a fall in popular support, the party was narrowly re-elected in the 2010 general election, winning 8 out of 15 elected seats in the House of Assembly of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The leadership of the party is expected to transfer to Ralph Gonsalves' son when he resigns from the post.


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