Unity Party (South Ossetia)

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The Unity Party (Ossetian: Иудзинад, Georgian: ერთიანობის, Russian: Единство; officially, the South Ossetian Republican Political Party "Unity") is a major political party with a socially conservative ideology in South Ossetia, a partially recognized Caucasian republic, considered by most countries to be a part of Georgia. The Unity Party, founded in 2003, supported former President Eduard Kokoity, and is currently the largest political party in South Ossetia. As of the 2009 elections, the party holds 17 out of 34 seats in South Ossetia's parliament. It is modeled after and is closely linked to the United Russia party, with which it has signed an inter-party cooperation agreement.[1] The party is a winner of the 2004 and 2009 parliamentary elections. It is currently led by Zurab Kokoyev.

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