Universal Church of the Kingdom of God

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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God
Templo de Salomão - 15.JPG
Temple of Solomon, headquarter of UCKG.
Classification Christian (Protestant)
Theology Neopentecostal
Region ± 200 countries (2012)
Headquarters Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Founder Edir Macedo
Origin July 9, 1977
Official website http://www.universal.org

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God is a Pentecostal church Christian denomination with headquarter in the Temple of Solomon in São Paulo, Brazil. Was founded on July 9, 1977 in by Bishop Edir Macedo.

In 1999, the majority of its members lived in Brazil but it had established temples in the United Kingdom and, since 1992, set up temples in Africa and in India, gaining millions of members overseas. In 1999, it was reported to have more than 12 million members, with 8 million in Brazil.

Social Works[edit]

The UCKG Help Centre is working to make a difference in the life of people living in precarious areas all around the world

  • Medical Advice (Nurses who are volunteers of the project will provide vital information to all those who will be present at the event about the following: High Blood Pressure, HIV, TB, Malaria and the like) HIV Brochures and condoms will be distributed (to those who want) to raise awareness against this disease and special counselling will be offered to those who are already suffering with it or have family members infected with the virus.
  • Distribution of School Material to kids between the age of 7 to 12 years old
  • Food distribution to all present at the event [1]
  • A total clean up operation at the community chosen for the event as part of our KEEP IT CLEAN initiative with the aim to motivate the people living in the community to come together to keep it always clean.
  • Free hair cut to every one interested. [2]
  • Spiritual Counselling to all those who are in needy of an spiritual guidance in life
  • Special seminars for those who are suffering from addiction[3]


The church was founded in 1977 by Edir Macedo, a Brazilian who grew up poor. He began preaching evangelical Christianity on the streets of Río de Janeiro. From the 1990s the Church expanded rapidly; by 2009, there were an estimated 4500 temples in Brazil with more than 8 million members. Church buildings are called temples, and the largest one was inaugurated in 2014. Inspired in the original Solomon's Temple and named after it, it is the largest religious sites in Brazil, capable of holding 11,000 people.


Most UCKG doctrines are the same as most conservative Evangelical-Pentecostal doctrines. Specific doctrines include belief:

  • It believe in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments in their original writings as fully inspired by God and accept them as the Supreme and Final Authority for faith and life.
  • It believe in one God, eternally existing in three persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • It believe that Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born by the virgin Mary and is true God and true Man.
  • It believe that God created man in His own image; that man sinned and thereby incurred the penalty of death, physical and spiritual; that all human beings inherit a sinful nature, which causes actual transgression involving personal guilt.
  • It believe that the Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins, a substitution sacrifice according to the Scriptures, and that all who believe in Him are justified on the ground of His shed blood.
  • It believe in the body of resurrection of the Lord Jesus, His ascension into heaven and His present life as our High Priest and Advocate.
  • It believe in the personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ in glory.
  • It believe that those who repent of their sins, receive the Lord Jesus Christ by faith, and hold fast to Him are born again by the Holy Spirit and become children of God.
  • It believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, empowering believers for service, with accompanying supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit, and in fellowship with the Holy Spirit.
  • It believe in the divinely ordained ministries of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher.
  • It believe in the resurrection of the just and the unjust, the eternal blessings of the redeemed, and the eternal banishment of those who have rejected salvation.
  • It believe that the one true Church consists of all those who have been redeemed by Jesus Christ and regenerated by the Holy Spirit; that the local church on earth should take its character from this conception of the spiritual Church and, therefore, new birth and personal confession of the Christ are essential for church membership.
  • It believe that the Lord Jesus Christ appointed two ordinances – baptism in water and the Lord’s Supper – to be observed as acts of obedience and as a continual witness to the facts of the Christian faith; that baptism is the immersion of the believer in water as a confession of the Lord Jesus in burial and resurrection, and that the Lord’s Supper is the partaking of the body and blood of our Saviour in remembrance of His sacrifice until He comes.
  • It believe that divine healing seen in the Old and the New Testaments is an integral part of the Gospel.
  • It believe the Bible teaches that without holiness no man can see God.
  • It believe in sanctification as a definite, yet progressive work of grace, commencing at the time of the new birth and continuing until the end of one’s life.


The church has frequently been accused of illegal activities, however, the opposite was found out. All charges were dropped. The UCKG (Universal Church of the Kingdom of God) is a legitimate church.


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