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UTX (Universal Terminology eXchange) is a set of formats for user-created dictionaries. Dictionary, in this case, means a set of pairs that consist of source language entry, target language entry, etc.

UTX is intended to absorb the differences between various formats for machine translation. Additionally, the formats can be used for other purposes, especially in the domain of natural language processing, such as thesaurus, text-to-speech, input method, etc. UTX is currently developed by AAMT (Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation).

UTX could be used to improve the efficiency of localization for open source projects.


A tab-separated text format that contains minimal information, i.e. source language entry, target language entry, and part-of-speech entry. UTX-Simple is intended to facilitate rapid creation and casual exchanges of machine-readable dictionaries.

UTX-XML (tentative name)[edit]

An XML-based format that contains more advanced information about each entry and the dictionary. UTX-XML allows multiple target language entries, as well as multiple target languages.

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