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Universe Tour
Tour by Modern Talking
Start date May 25, 2003
End date June 21, 2003
Shows 3
Modern Talking concert chronology
Victory Tour
Universe Tour

Universe Tour (German: Universe-Tournee)[1] was the sixth world tour by Modern Talking. Universe, released in April 2003, is used as the basis of the tour. It started in Flensburg, Germany at May 25, 2003 and ended in Berlin, at June 21, 2003. It was produced by Dieter Bohlen, member of the band. The performances were introduced by Yvonne Catterfeld in Berlin; in Rostock was introduced by Alexender; and in Flensburg, by C. C. Catch. This tour was the shortest one by the band, lasting in less than a month since the first performance, and marks the band's split-up.

A DVD was published after Universe Tour. It was recorded during the concert in Berlin.


  1. "Everybody Needs Somebody" (Dieter Bohlen)
  2. "Knocking On My Door" (Dieter Bohlen)
  3. "Don't Make Me Blue" (Dieter Bohlen)
  4. "TV Makes the Superstar" (Dieter Bohlen)
  5. "Sexy, Sexy Lover" (Dieter Bohlen)
  6. "Last Exit to Brooklyn" (Dieter Bohlen)
  7. "Atlantis is Calling (S.O.S. for Love)" (Dieter Bohlen)
  8. "Geronimo's Cadillac" (Dieter Bohlen)
  9. "Heart Of An Angel" (Dieter Bohlen)
  10. "Brother Louie" (Dieter Bohlen)
  11. "You Are Not Alone" (Dieter Bohlen)
  12. "You Can Win If You Want" (Dieter Bohlen)
  13. "You're My Heart, You're My Soul" (Dieter Bohlen)


Date City Country
May 25, 2003 Flensburg Germany
June 7, 2003 Rostock
June 21, 2003 Berlin


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